Swing Accessories

Our award-winning Funky Monkey Bars offer a vast range of Swing add-ons for hours (and hours) of outdoor fun and fitness. From our comfy Toddler Swings to Nest Swings in various colours and sizes to our Cubby House that doubles as a hideaway tent, get ready to transform your backyard into the playground everyone wants to be.

19 products

19 products

Modular Swing Add-on Accessories

Our Swings are made to be modular, so you can customise them with add-on accessories that click into place quickly. You'll get Swing Hooks with all our Toddler Swings, Nest Swings, Flying Fox Rides, Swinging Cubby Swings, Trapeze Swings, and our range of Chillin' Swings. Our Nets, Sports, and Gymnastics & Circus Accessories also come with all the attachment gear you need to take your playground to the next level.

Strong and Safe Swing Accessories

We at Funky Monkey Bars have established a reputation for quality and innovation in product design. Our Swing range and Swing Accessories are built with the highest standards, with Swing Hooks that attach securely and stand up to the toughest play.. We also PVC coat our swing chains to prevent pinching little fingers.

Ultimate Swing Accessories Shipped Worldwide

We started in Australia, but word about our award-winning, study and stylish Monkey Bar design quickly went global. Today, we ship our outdoor Funky Monkey Swings and Swing Accessories internationally to backyards, big and small, just about anywhere!