Nest Swing

Your backyard needs a nest swing before it will feel truly perfect. Relax and enjoy the world's best modular outdoor play and fitness equipment, complete with your very own nest swing set.

3 products

3 products

Outdoor Nest Swing Sets

We all love the feeling of the wind blowing through our hair. Whether you’re a kid for real or a kid at heart, a nest swing is one of the best ways to experience that joy as only birds can. If your nest swing comes with a stand or is part of a more extensive play set, your family will get hundreds of hours of fun out of it together.

No matter what size you’re looking for, we have options that will suit your needs. From small, single-person, or kids' nest swings to large ones for adults, we’ve thought of everything to make your swinging dreams come true. You’re not looking for any old swing, though. You’re looking for a round nest swing that you can sit down in, kick up your feet, and enjoy the outdoors while you forget about the stresses of the day.

Nest Swings Designed in Australia

Your safety is our priority, and that’s why all Funky Monkey nest swings are designed right here in Australia.

Nest swings are part of the larger Funky Monkey Bars system, so Funky Monkey accessories are designed to fit right into the modular playground. Depending on the range of equipment you choose, it might be suitable to be a standalone nest swing with a frame. Regardless of your choice, you’re backed by our one-year warranty on accessories, so we know you’ll be enjoying your backyard play set for years to come.

Don’t live in Australia? No worries! While our nest swings and Funky Monkey Bars come from down under, you don’t have to be here to enjoy them. No matter where you live, you can access the best quality frames, stands, and made in Australia monkey bar systems. With distributors across the globe, you can get your hands on your own nest swing quicker than you can say “bananas!”

A Nest Swing for Kids (and adults)

You might think you need an extra large nest swing for an adult to use, but that isn’t always the case. By making our Funky Monkey bars and other equipment out of the right materials — like Australian steel — and mounting it on the most well-crafted frame, even our small nest swings are strong enough to support an adult.

Your size shouldn’t limit your play, and that is part of what makes Funky Monkey Bars and all our outdoor play sets and accessories so unique. You can take a seat in a birds nest swing or swing your heart out on one of our other pieces of equipment to your heart’s content. And that is why we make the best nest swings for sale around, so you can get your family play equipment that grows with your child in age and confidence.

How to Hang a Nest Swing?

To hang a Funky Monkey nest swing, first you should determine whether you have a model that can be mounted in a Swing Frame or if it requires a Funky Accessory bar. Then, using Swing Hooks, attach the nest swing at your desired height.

How to Make Base for Nest Swing?

To make the base for a nest swing, you should start with the highest quality Australian steel. After you’ve bent the steel into the nest shape, you are ready to install the mesh part of the nest swing.

How to Install a Nest Swing?

All Nest Swings will come shipped with all of the required fittings for installation plus easy-to-follow step-by-step assembly instructions.