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No.  Funky Monkey Bars are the world’s first free-standing, height-adjustable monkey bar.  Our unique patent designs and the innovative ‘twirly-whirly bars’ on each upright bar of the frame allow our monkey bars to be free-standing.

Simply install your Funky Monkey Bars on grass and peg each base plate down with the pegs provided – no pouring of cement required.

Your Funky Monkey Bars comes with an 8 mm allen key and and a hex bit for your drill. All you need to do is add muscle; a mallet, ladder and level can also be handy.

One person can install Funky Monkey Bars but it is easier to install with two people. The product is heavy, galvanised steel pipe so having two people is definitely easier than trying to do it on your own. 

It will depend on the model you have purchased. For The Original allow yourself 1 to 2 hours to assemble and install. For a bigger model such as The Gorilla PLUS allow yourself 2 to 3 hours and The Mandrill PLUS is a good half day in the garden.

A standard Funky Monkey Bars frame can be installed on a slope or undulation that is no greater than 8 degrees.  On each leg is a base plate that can be adjusted up to 40mm. This is great if you have un-even ground as you can simply lower or raise the base plates to create even footings. Check out our video tips on 'How to Level Your Frame' and 'Loading your Twirly-Whirly bars'.

NEW to Funky Monkey Bars in 2020 is the cleverly designed, patent protected, Funky Levelling Kit made for a slope or undulation of more than 100mm and less than 600mm over 3 metres.

Follow the Measure Your Slope Guide to identify how many Funky Levelling Kits and Extra Levellers will be required to install your Funky Monkey Bars frame.

Funky Monkey Bars are designed to be installed on grass as a peg is used to secure each of the upright legs into the firmly packed dirt below the grass.  They can be used on artificial grass but you will need to secure the pegs into a firmly-packed surface through the turf.  If you are using sand or woodchips then you need to install your Funky Monkey Bars frame into the hard-packed dirt beneath and then fill the woodchip and sand above this surface.

Each frame has its own load rating which has been provided by independent certified structural engineers who have tested our configurations against the load ratings as specified within the Australian Standard for Playground Equipment AS4685.

The load ratings range from 420kgs for The Original up to 2,340kgs for The Mandrill PLUS - that’s a lot of big kids! 

Yes. Your Funky Monkey Bars is not concreted in, so it is normal for your Funky Monkey Bars to have a small amount of movement back and forth, especially with the addition of a swing. This is perfectly normal.

However, if you are concerned with the amount of movement you are experiencing with your Funky Monkey Bars ensure all your grub screws on your connections are as tight as possible.  Check our video tip here for 'Tightening your grub screws' and ‘How to Load Your Twirly Whirly Bars’.  Please contact the Funky Crew with any concerns info@funkymonkeybars.com

Yes, absolutely.  More and more adults are purchasing our monkey bars to use in their back yards for their ‘cross-fit’ and body weight training circuits. If the adults in the family are using the Funky Monkey Bars then the kids will want to use them more and it’s such an active way to hang out with the family!

Yes. Funky Monkey Bars are the first height-adjustable monkey bar in the world.  You can move the monkey bar anywhere between 1.2m and 2.3m.  You could also add-on a Combat Ladder or the Height Extenders to climb or hang equipment to a three-metre height.

You will need two people to raise the monkey bar. One person will undo the grub screw of the tees on your vertical poles on one end and the second person will do the same at the other end.  Together, and very gently, push to raise the monkey bar ladder to the required height.  Use the height stickers as a guide.  Be sure to retighten your grub screws to their maximum hold.  Use a level to check you’ve got it perfect!

Funky Monkey Bars frames are made from Australian galvanised steel tube. All connections, bolts and fixings are a combination of malleable iron and stainless steel.

All Funky Monkey Bars frames are powder coated using Dulux or Interpon quality UV rated outdoor powder coating paint. This has been specifically made and tested for the Australian outdoors.

Funky Monkey Bars believes in the quality of its product and offers a 10 year warranty on the frame.  All accessories and the powder-coating are under warranty for one year.

Order to delivery times anywhere are dependent on the stock you have ordered and where the frame is being delivered around Australia and across the World.   Please check our Shipping information for the latest on dispatch and delivery.

Your Funky Monkey Bars delivery arrives in a number of different long and small boxes.

Couriers delivering Funky Monkey Bars to regional Western Australia and interstate, may put long boxes in one truck and small boxes in another truck – this is known as a split delivery.

Please do not be alarmed as this is perfectly normal with our product and your delivery will occur over several days.

If your complete delivery is not received within three days of the first boxes arriving, please contact shipping@funkymonkeybars.com

All Funky Monkey Bars deliveries are given Authority to Leave without a signature, so unless otherwise advised by the customer the courier will leave in a safe, secure place.

Yes.  Funky Monkey Bars has strategic freight partnerships locally and internationally so Funky Monkey Bars can be delivered via air to all corners of the globe.  To obtain product costs in your native currency and along with air freight rates please send an email to info@funkymonkeybars.com

No, not unless it is very extreme weather conditions. Our Australian steel frames are powder coated here in Western Australia, using a special UV-protected Dulux outdoor paint that will reach a top temperature of 23-26°C, depending on the colour, even on a 40+°C day.

The darker colours in our Funky range will absorb slightly more heat than the others – if you live in an area renowned for its heat, we recommend choosing a lighter colour.

We are proud that our Funky Monkey Bars frames feature Australian-manufactured steel produced to Australian Standards for its exceptional quality and consistency.

Unique Australian technology is used to protect the steel from corrosion on the inside and out. A uniform and consistent electro-galvanised zinc coating and clear polymer protective coating is applied to both sides of the steel.  

The monkey bar frame features a 48mm diameter tube and the 780mm rungs and steps are 26mm in diameter.

The ‘Shipping’ tab on each product page will give you an indication of how many boxes you’ll receive. The longest boxes you can expect are 3 m(L) x 11cm (W) and 2.3m(L) x 11cm(W). All remaining boxes are smaller and more compact. All of the boxes are easy to lift and store away if necessary.

We offer a lay-by plan that is available all year –it’s also very flexible and easy to use. Please see further information on the Funky Lay-by Plan.

We’d recommend choosing a frame based on the interests of your kids and age-appropriate activities.  Frames like The Orangutan and The Gorilla (and their variations) suit monkey bar kids who still love to swing.  We have a complete Backyard Ninja range for kids mad for Ninja Warrior, and these elements can also add-on to most of our frames. Gymnasts love The Tamarin or The Aerial Tamarin. Sporty kids will love the addition of the soccer net and netball ring. 

If there’s a mix of interests in your family, you can make a combination as all Funky Monkey Bars frames are modular.

A delivery quote is available in the Shipping Estimator located in your Shopping Cart. Delivery cost is based on the weight of the product(s) and the destination. If you add the desired product(s) to your cart, you can enter your State, Suburb and Postcode for the most accurate price possible.  

On an average day your Funky Monkey Bars will be totally okay to touch as our Australian steel frames are powder coated using a special UV-protected Dulux outdoor paint.  And because it’s a not a solid structure, the wind factor will keep the temperature down.

Of course, on extremely hot days the frame will heat up and in these conditions we recommend staying indoors until the heat of the day has passed.