Do I need to concrete my Funky Monkey Bar into the ground?
No.  A Funky Monkey Bar is the world’s first free-standing monkey bar.  Our unique designs and the innovative twirly-whirly bars allow our monkey bars to be free-standing. Simply install your monkey bar on grass and peg each base plate down with the pegs provided. No digging holes, laying levels and pouring cement required.

What tools do I need to install my Funky Monkey Bar?
Your Funky Monkey Bar comes with an 8 mm and a 5 mm allen key. Apart from adding muscle, these are the only tools required to assemble and install a Funky Monkey Bar.

How many people does it take to install a Funky Monkey Bar?
One person can install a Funky Monkey Bar but it is easier to install with two people. The product is heavy steel pipe so having two people is definitely easier than trying to do it on your own.

How long will it take to install my Funky Monkey Bar?
It will depend on the model you have purchased. For The Original allow yourself 1 to 2 hours to assemble and install. For a bigger model such as The Baboon allow yourself 2 to 3 hours.

Can I install a Funky Monkey Bar on a slope?
A Funky Monkey Bar can be installed on a slope that is no greater than 8 degrees.  On each leg is a base plate that can be adjusted up to 40mm. This is great if you have un-even ground as you can simply lower or raise the base plates to create even footings.

What surface can I install a Funky Monkey Bar on?
Funky Monkey Bars are designed to be installed on grass. They can also be installed on some sands, woodchips and rubber soft-fall. We do not recommend installing on concrete, tiles, wood or any hard surface.

How many pegs go into each base plate?
Each base plate has four holes drilled out. However you only need to insert one peg into one hole only. All four holes do not need to be pegged down. The pegs stop your Funky Monkey Bar from sliding.   It is the twirly whirly bars and unique engineered designs that provides the stability.

How many kids at any one time can be on a Funky Monkey Bar?
Each model has its own load rating which has been provided by certified structural engineers who have tested our configurations against the load ratings as specified within the Australian Standard for Playground Equipment AS4685.1 – 2004.

All our monkey bars are load tested to between 552 and 980kgs. The Original is load rated to 552kgs or as the standard says ‘8 children at 69kg per child’ -that’s a lot of big kids! 

Should my Funky Monkey Bar move and sway?
Yes. Your Funky Monkey Bar is not concreted in so it is normal for your funky monkey bar to move back and forth especially with the addition of a swing. This is perfectly normal.

However if you are concerned with the amount of movement you are experiencing with your Funky Monkey Bar ensure all your grub screws on your connections are as tight as possible. Please contact us with any concerns.

Can adults use a Funky Monkey Bar?
Yes.  More and more adults are purchasing our monkey bars to use in their back yards for their ‘cross-fit’ and body weight training circuits.

Also if you are using the Funky Monkey Bars your kids will want to use them more too and it’s such a great and active way to be hanging out with your family!

Can I adjust the height of my Funky Monkey Bar?
Yes. A Funky Monkey Bar is the first height adjustable monkey bar in the world.

Loosen the grub screws with the 8mm allen key on the connections that are holding the main ladder up. Then with a person at each end adjust the ladder up or down to the desirable height and using the 8mm allen key tighten up the grub screws.

The height can be set to a minimum height of 1.2m and a maximum height of 2.3m and any increment in between.

What is a Funky Monkey Bar made of?
A Funky Monkey Bar is made from medium weight, galvanised steel pipe.

All Funky Monkey Bars are powder coated using Dulux outdoor powder coating paint. This has been specifically made and tested for the Australian outdoors.

All connections, bolts and fixings are a combination of maluble iron and stainless steel.

A Funky Monkey Bar is made to last for generations.

What warranty do you get with a Funky Monkey Bar?
The warranty of your Funky Monkey Bar is broken into three components:

  • Steel Frame 3 years.
  • Powder Coating 1 year (This is the warranty that Dulux gives us)
  • Steel Fittings Life-time warranty. If you ever have an issue we will replace.

What is the order to delivery schedule?
From order to delivery anywhere in Australia is approximately one to two weeks depending on your colour choice and stock availability at the time of ordering.

If you are in Western Australia you can purchase directly from our Showroom in Yangebup, Perth, Western Australia.

For enquiries outside Australia please contact info@funkymonkeybars.com with your full delivery address.

l live outside Australia so does Funky Monkey Bars deliver Internationally?


Funky Monkey Bars and DHL Express have developed a strategic freight partnership so Funky Monkey Bars can be delivered via air to all corners of the globe.

To obtain product costs in your native currency and along with air freight rates please send an email to internationalfreight@funkymonkeybars.com with the following information:

  • Name
  • Full delivery address
  • Contact number
  • Let us know if you would like to take out insurance for loss and damage