Dogs Help Kids to be More Active

Grab the dog and get outside to play as the evidence is in, having a dog in the family makes kids more active.


  ☀️NEW PRODUCT ALERT introducing the Troop PLUS featuring the ultimate 6m Flying Fox ride alongside a 6m Monkey Bar, Combat Ladder, climbing Cargo Net and Swings. You’re going to love it! We’re keeping all the kids entertained for Summer...

Encouraging Risky Play for Development

What Is Risky Play? by Kara Weatherall Risky play allows kids to push their limits in a safe, yet unpredictable environment. It refers to play that involves thrilling, exciting and physically challenging activities like climbing, jumping, balancing, as well as...

Embracing Play & Progress: Monkey Bars and Occupational Therapy for Children

Since installing the Funky Monkey Bars frame inside the OT centre, Matt reported that their cancellation rate has dropped significantly. "Our clients were so excited when they could see the playground down the corridor from the waiting area. Having this new equipment has had a noticeable impact on child engagement, and motivation. Therapy now feels like play, not therapy!"

Top 5 Reasons Why Schools Need Monkey Bars

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, there is a timeless element that has been cherished by children for generations—the monkey bars. Let's delve deeper into the Top 5 reasons why schools & communities need them. 

WINNER! The Best Backyard Giveaway from Funky Monkey Bars

We have a winner in our Best Backyard Giveaway, The Troop with the NEW 6m Floating Flying Fox. Congratulations to James & Meaghan Rose and their four young daughters.

4 Health Benefits of Winter Outdoor Play

Cold weather & outdoor play is good for kids and adults too! Just layer up and keep moving.


        The delight of watching the Sirianni family at play on their new, NDIS funded monkey bars, The Combat Ninja by Funky Monkey Bars is infectious. Mum Naomi said the new Funky Monkey Bars frame in their backyard...

NEW Commercial Catalogue featuring NEW frame!

With an impressive footprint of 4m x 12m, the Dynasty Elite is ideal for primary through to secondary schools and colleges, as well as communities with open spaces.

Ninja Stars Hang Out with fans at Funky Monkey Bars

In a prelude to the Grand Final week of Australian Ninja Warrior, six of Australia’s fittest and fastest competitors took to the Funky Monkey Bars play and fitness frames in the backyard play company’s Showroom to the delight of hundreds of fans.


The Orangutan has fast become the swing set of choice. Learn all about this Funky frame, the Orangutan range and popular add-ons.

Beautiful Backyards: Heritage style in Western Australia

This beautiful 1887 limestone, heritage home in Western Australia, has an abundance of flowers and manicured lawns lovingly nurtured by garden lover, GP and Mum, Sally. A corner of the multi-level garden is dedicated to fun for the kids and features the magnificent Mandrill by Funky Monkey Bars for the family’s three children and their

Surprise! Funky Play Dates with Olivia

You’re swinging across your Funky Monkey Bars in your own front yard and the queen of Australian Ninja, Olivia Vivian, pops in for a play.

Product Profile: Gorilla PLUS 😍

The Gorilla Plus takes one of Funky Monkey Bars most popular playgrounds, loads it with its most popular accessories and still gives you room to add-on more whenever you're ready.

Backyard fun ideas this Summer

  HANG OUT THIS SUMMER: BACKYARD IDEAS We are welcoming 2022 with open arms as the Summer holidays continue. Summer really is the best time of the year to ditch the screens and hang out with loved ones. The long...

Commercial Playground | Coastal Install on Cottesloe Beach

Dutch Inn, a historical landmark of the iconic Cottesloe Beach, is the location for Funky Monkey Bars latest commercial installation, with a new public playground on the foreshore now open for the kids to play and the big kids to workout. 


For Ninja Warrior fans, Funky Monkey Bars has your backyard training solution with frames and obstacles for aspiring Ninjas of all abilities. Fear not, train hard and have fun this Christmas and shop our Find Your Amazing Gift Guide ideas....


Swinging on monkey bars just says childhood. Carefree and capable of amazing feats – imaginations run wild! Make young dreams come true this Christmas with our Find Your Amazing Gift Guide ideas. All in stock because we make our frames...