Funky Monkey Bars is proud to manufacture its frames in Australia and stands by the quality of its workmanship with a 10-year warranty on all Funky Monkey Bars frames.

Funky Monkey Bars provides a one-year warranty on all accessories and the powder-coating of the frame.

Warranty coverage

Funky Monkey Bars warrants your Funky Monkey Bars against original defects in materials, manufacturing and workmanship.

The equipment must be assembled, installed and maintained in accordance with Funky Monkey Bars assembly instructions. It does not include general wear and tear in a domestic environment.

The warranty period begins from the date of dispatch and proof of purchase is required should you need to invoke the warranty.

We recommend that you keep your purchase receipt in a safe place to ensure you have this information.

This warranty is not transferable and can only be applied by the customer who originally purchased the Funky Monkey Bars.

Warranty limitations

Funky Monkey Bars warranty cannot be invoked in the following circumstances;

  • If the user has attached accessories and attachments to the frame that are not purchased from Funky Monkey Bars range of products.
  • In the case of careless operation or handling, misuse, abuse and/or lack of maintenance or use in accordance with Funky Monkey Bars assembly & installation instructions.
  • External factors and sources such as weather, theft, fire damage or vandalism have damaged the frame or accessories.
  • Repairs or alterations have been carried out on the equipment by unauthorised parties or agents not affiliated with Funky Monkey Bars

If you have any questions or need to invoke your warranty, please contact Funky Monkey Bars customer service team on 1300 912 198 or email