Funky Monkey Founders Island Funky Monkey Founders Island


As a parent of young children Perth Dad, Shane Roberts was ecstatic when his daughters found a skill that kept them outdoors being active for hours on end and away from the lure of the television and computer.

It was back in 2009 when Shane’s young daughters’, now aged 11 and nine, discovered monkey bars and along with it the strength, endurance and resilience that came with concurring a challenge. So Shane made a monkey bar for the backyard and so great was the response from local kids that he created Funky Monkey Bars in 2011 and now designs and sells monkey bars and play equipment direct to backyards across Australia and around the world.

Shane was joined in 2014 year by Colin Burdle, a UK structural engineer whose knowledge of steel fabrication and construction has taken the Funky Monkey Bar concept further making it more adaptable to the age and skill of the children and introduced new equipment that can be attached to the original monkey bar frame.

Funky Monkey Bars is all about bringing back the fun and resilience that comes from active outdoor play that we remember as kids - sitting atop the monkey bar in the exclusively no adult zone. Funky Monkey Bars remains a family run business and the kids help keep it real as the ultimate product reviewers. Shane and Colin have always got an eye out for innovative new ideas to keep the concept challenging and adaptable and will continue to create until Funky Monkey Bars are as common in Australian backyards as the Hills Hoist clothes line once was!