Playground Equipment

With our range of Playground Equipment, the ultimate reward is the ability to add on new accessories – as kids grow, they continue to be fully engaged and challenged. Get ready for years of Playground Equipment fun, whether the play activities are for home or in the school playground.

74 products

74 products

Versatile Playground Equipment for All the Family

At Funky Monkey Bars, we’re constantly evolving our innovative Playground Equipment and designing new accessories to complement our award-winning Funky Monkey Bars. Our Playground Equipment caters to all age groups in the family, so kids and adults alike can reap the benefits of our range of Monkey Bars, Swing Sets, and Accessories.

With different-sized Climbing Frames to fit any backyard, our Playground Equipment is modular, height-adjustable, and free-standing. There’s no need to concrete or dig up your backyard, as our Playground Equipment is free-standing in a home setting, and can be concreted into a commercial or school setting.

Range of Playground Equipment for All Interests

If your child loves to play netball, cricket, basketball, or football, we’ve got you covered. Our height-adjustable Netball Hoop and Basketball Hoop are perfect for fine-tuning shots. And for goal-scoring accuracy, our Soccer/Cricket Net is just the ticket. All of our sports equipment is made to add to our Monkey Bars or Swing Sets.

For swinging, climbing, and clambering fun, try our 3-metre Jungle Rope, Cargo Nets, Cargo Walls, Birds Nest Swings, Combat Ladder, Accessories Bars, and the 3-metre Height Extender Bars. All are popular for all ages. Add on the Firefigher’s Pole for extra fun, or try the Horizontal Climbing Nets for top and bottom commando-style endeavours.

The big beast of cargo nets, our 3-metre Cargo Wall, offers the ultimate in tough challenges and is included on the New Ninja and Spider Monkey, included in the Funky Monkey Ninja Range. You can also swap and add on more Playground Equipment like the Floating Flying Fox or a Floating Accessories Bar – the options in our modular range are endless.

Playground Equipment for Fitness and Fun

Our inclusive Playground Equipment is king for fitness and fun. Our Boxing Bag is specifically designed to be used outdoors and to attach to your Monkey Bars climbing frame, the whole family can use this accessory for training in the backyard. Ninja Grips and Roman Rings are also fantastic fitness additions for Crossfit-style training.

Improve your grip strength with the collection of Round Ninja Grips, Long Ninja Grips, Ninja Delta Grips, Banana Ninja Grips, and Climbing Doorknobs. The Grips attach to a Monkey Bar, the Accessories Bar, or Floating Accessories Bar.

If you are looking for extra gymnastics fun for your kids ? Choose from our Lache Bars, Gym/Pull Up Bar, Dip Bars, and Roman Rings, all designed to attach to a Monkey Bars Climbing Frame.

Innovative Modular Playground Equipment Made in Australia

One of the things we love about our Australian Playground Equipment is the long list of accessories creating endless variations for everyone.

You can add our accessories to any Funky Monkey Bars or Swing Set frame.

Build your own Funky Monkey Swing Set using our digital configurator technology. Choose from 18 swings to create a Funky Monkey Swing Set with 1, 2, or 3 stations. The Cheeky Little Swing Set is perfect for toddlers.

A popular addition is the spacious Swinging Cubby house, which has twinkling LED fairy lights for hanging out day or night. Our Large or Small Nest Swing is perfect for families for outdoor swinging action. Attach to Swing Set or an Accessories Bar on a Monkey Bars frame.

Our Playground Equipment Swings range is suitable for kids of all ages and all abilities, in a choice of funky colours. Choose from our extensive range; Trapeze Swing, Rubber Swing, Sling Swing, Chillin Hammock Swing, Chillin Longboard Swing, Chillin Round Swing, or a Button Swing and Toddler Swing.

High-Quality Australian Supplier of Playground Equipment

We take safety seriously, and our Monkey Bar and Swing Set frames are designed within the highest Australian quality standards. Built to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions and for multiple kids to play together.

We send our Outdoor Playground Equipment all over Australia, to all the metropolitan cities and all rural areas - we’ve got you covered. We can also ship our range of Playground Equipment worldwide.

Our award-winning Funky Monkey Bars are the ultimate Playground Equipment with smart add-on accessories for the home, or for commercial use.

What Is the Safest Surface to Use Under Playground Equipment?

Our playground equipment for home use requires no concreting or digging, it just pegs down on soft grass, or soft-landing surfaces, in your backyard.

What Are the Types of Playground Equipment?

Our modular playground equipment designed for play and fitness fun includes Monkey Bars, Swing Sets, Jungle Gyms, Climbing Ropes and Nets, Sports Equipment, Gymnastics Equipment and Ninja and Fitness equipment, in various colours and sizes to suit different outdoor spaces.