Flying Fox Playground Equipment

Our Flying Fox Playground Equipment range is a popular collection to complete the perfect Funky Monkey Bars frame. Your kids will be in constant motion with our sensational Flying Fox, available in varying lengths to suit the size of your frame and your backyard.

9 products

9 products

Flying Fox Playground Equipment: Modularity For Everyone

Ramp up the family fun in your backyard with our exciting range of Floating Flying Foxes. Each of our Monkey Bar Frames is customisable and expandable and the Flying Fox Playground Equipment comes in 2.3m, 3, and 6m lengths to attach to all of our Monkey Bar frames, for you and your kids.

Our high-end model, The Mandrill PLUS, with a 6m Flying Fox is undoubtedly the highlight with all of its fabulous accessories and extras. Youngsters can climb higher on the Combat Ladder or climb back and forth between the Monkey Bars. Two swings (in different colours) are also included, or swap it for a Boxing Bag or a Rope. The included Nest Swings are most popular.

Our Orangutan PLUS is the perfect choice for those who can’t fit the Mandrill PLUS in their backyard but are keen to see their children on our Flying Fox Playground Equipment. The Orangutan PLUS is our most cost-effective model and comes to you with a 3 metre Flying Fox.

The Orangutan PLUS is a narrow frame, so you can't upgrade your Flying Fox to a bigger one. Not the end of the world, though, since the model is loaded with great play features for your kids; Monkey Bars, Swing, Trapeze, Twirly Whirly bars for the ultimate in play fun. You can also swap out the button swing with our Flying Fox Handle for more fun. Your children will glide back and forth between the bars.

High Quality and Safe Flying Fox Equipment - Designed in Australia

Designed in Australia, the Floating Flying Fox Playground Equipment is a must-have addition to any Funky Monkey Bars frame for your backyard.

With our Flying Fox Playground Equipment, we've designed the polyurethane wheels to ride smoothly along the heavy-duty galvanised steel pipe and added a rubber stopper to cushion the ride.

Our Flying Fox Handle allows them to not only whizz through the air, but a stainless-steel swivel bracket will enable them to do 360-degree spins. And with an adjustable strap, the Flying Fox Handle alters to different heights, so all the family can join in with the fun. Now we think that's super cool. Our Button Swing allows the user to sit or stand on a thick rubber seat, a 160 cm height-adjustable chain with PVC coating to avoid any pinched fingers.

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