Ninja Playground Equipment

Get ready for adrenalin-filled Ninja adventures with our Ninja Playground Equipment, the perfect combination of our innovative Monkey Bars and Climbing Frames and accessories for the ultimate in playground activities, fitness, training, and fun.

14 products

14 products

Modular Ninja Playground Equipment - Frames and Accessories

We know there is a Ninja in all of us. That's why we designed our exciting new Ninja Playground Equipment range to challenge kids and adults on Monkey Bars and other climbing apparatuses.

We have several exciting Monkey Bars frames available, depending on your needs. We have models like The Combat Ninja or The Ninja that feature some of our best Ninja Playground Equipment. You can also customise and create your own frame to suit the whole family for fitness and fun.

You will love our Combat Ninja Frame. A great model for kids and adults that will guarantee hours of fun and fitness. The Combat Ninja features a Combat Ladder that you and your kids can use to put your fitness to the test. There are many great features, such as a Fireman's Pole, 3-metre Jungle Rope, Roman Rings, and Boxing Bag. Those who like it especially difficult can prove their grip and climbing skills with the Long Ninja Grips and the Ninja Delta Rings.

On top of all these fantastic features, the Combat Ninja also looks good! This frame was recognised for its innovation with a Good Design Award in 2020.

A smaller alternative is The Silverback. The Silverback is a more straightforward, free-standing frame that stands out for its simplicity. It comes with two height-adjustable pull-up bars out of the box. You can extend with more fitness equipment like the Roman Rings, a Jungle Rope, or Ninja Grips. The Dip Bars provide more training options.

Solid and Durable Ninja Playground Equipment - Made in Australia

Our ground-breaking Ninja Playground Equipment is a must for family fun and fitness. You can even spruce up your garden with funky colours of bold reds, greens, and blues. Try out our Banana-shaped Ninja Grips - they will add a whole new twist to your Ninja Frame.

Our Funky Monkey Bars Backyard Ninja Play Equipment range is solid and durable. It achieves the highest safety standards for complete peace of mind. Get ready to turn your backyard into the wilds of jungle gym - Ninja style.

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