Climbing Playground Equipment

Our diverse range of Playground Climbing Equipment is the perfect inclusion in our Funky Monkey Bars range. So brighten up your backyard and boost family fun with our collection of Climbing Playground Equipment for year-round enjoyment.

12 products

12 products

Customisable Climbing Playground Equipment

Our modular Climbing Playground Equipment is included in our free-standing Funky Monkey Bar Frames so that kids can scramble up and down for hours of endless adventure time.

Take a look at our Spider Monkey frame if you want the "all-in-one" solution. It stands out because of its diverse play and climbing possibilities - perfect for any household with ninjas. Besides the height-adjustable Monkey Bar, the 3m x 2.3m Cargo Net is the king of Climbing Playground Equipment and increases the challenge for everyone. The little ones can let off all their steam on the Cargo Net, and those who are really up to it can jump back and forth between the Cargo Net and the Traverse Rocket Rings and Monkey Bars, which are also included.

The New Ninja ups the challenge even further and includes the 3-metre-long horizontal Jungle Rope and 3m Cargo Wall and Lache Bars that characterise this climbing frame with Monkey Bar. So if this frame doesn't offer enough climbing fun, we don't know what does.

The ultimate Climbing Playground Equipment must be The Combat Ninja as it features some of Funky Monkey Bars best climbing and swinging challenges. Includes a Combat Ladder, 3m height-adjustable Monkey Bar, Long Ninja Grips and Delta Ninja Rings and so much more to challenge adults and kids.

All Funky Monkey Bars frames feature Climbing Playground Equipment and all can be customised to perfectly suit you and your family’s needs today and into the future.

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