Outdoor Monkey Bars

Turn your backyard into the ultimate playground with our award-winning outdoor Monkey Bars for play and fitness into a new realm of possibilities. Our outdoor Monkey Bar sets grow with your family, so you can keep adding outdoor play equipment.

23 products

23 products

Outdoor Monkey Bars: Made in Australia

Get ready for limitless fun. We’re all children at heart when it comes to playing outdoors. Our outstanding outdoor Monkey Bars are designed and made here in Australia. With the world’s first height-adjustable Monkey Bar and various shapes, sizes and colours, it’s no surprise our Funky Monkey Bars are a magnet for kids and adults alike.

So whether you're in a narrow backyard or bags of outdoor space, each Funky Monkey Bars set is versatile enough to fit in anywhere. From gymnastics and strength training to the Trapeze and Jungle rope - you name it swinging, climbing or bar workouts - your family, friends, and neighbours will be clambering for hours of endless playtime.

Outdoor Monkey Bars: Adjustable and Modular

Each modular playset of our outdoor Monkey Bars is tough and durable, manufactured to high safety standards using quality machine-precision-cut Australian steel. Our 10-year warranty backs our modular Monkey Bar frames, so you get peace of mind with safety, strength and versatility. Moreover, our unique freestanding patent design ensures our outdoor Monkey Bars are portable.

Outdoor Monkey Bars: Free Standing and Easy-To-Install

Easy to self-install and height-adjust, our Monkey Bar products grow in sync with your family. With an array of Monkey Bar frames and outdoor playground equipment to choose from, you can have it all. Our large Monkey Bar frames are an amazing feat of playground engineering, as are our compact configurations for smaller spaces, so your family can embrace an active outdoor life from the comfort of your backyard.

Whether aspiring ninja warriors, beginners or professionals, we’re constantly engineering creative, active play and fitness outside for young and old. And if you don’t live down under, you can still enjoy the world of outdoor Monkey Bar fun. Our Australia-made outdoor Monkey Bars can be shipped worldwide. We sell direct to our customers, no matter where you call home.

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What Type of Metal Bars Are the Outdoor Monkey Bar Set?

All Funky Monkey Bars frames feature Australian manufactured galvanised steel for its exceptional quality and consistency. Unique technology is used to protect the steel from corrosion on the inside and out, making our metal bars tough and durable.

How Do You Build Monkey Bars With a Pegboard Outdoors?

Our award-winning design with the ‘twirly whirly’ bars braces the frame against the movement, allowing you to peg it down on the grass. Check out our video clips on the website.

How Do You Build an Outdoor Gym Monkey Bar Set?

Our outdoor Monkey Bars come with a straightforward step-by-step guide that you can follow on your own device, so installation is a breeze. All the equipment and tools you need are supplied with the frame.