Monkey Bars for Adults

Monkey Bars for adults - yes, that's right! Monkey Bars aren't just for kids. We've designed the ultimate Monkey Bars for adults to enjoy, so you can reap the benefits. Our adult Monkey Bars are perfect for any fitness schedule.

23 products

23 products

Monkey Bars For Adults: Tough And Durable Design

Designed and manufactured in Australia, our modular, free standing Monkey Bars for adults are robust and durable. We've even won Australian Good Design Awards for our innovation. Our adult Monkey Bars are built to very high standards using galvanised steel and precision engineering. With our 10-year warranty for all adult Monkey Bar frames, you get total peace of mind. Our range of Funky Monkey Bars is tough enough to withstand not just weight, but the weather too.

Monkey Bars for Adults: Play and Fitness

Whether a novice, seasoned fitness fanatic, or just interested in fun with the family, our adult Monkey Bars offer countless advantages, from improving strength, agility, and flexibility to toning and strengthening core and leg muscles. So not only do adult Monkey Bars provide variety to any training home fitness schedule, all the family can join in too. Our Funky Monkey Bar collection has limitless scope for add-ons with plenty of play equipment, so it grows with your family and increases your fitness challenges.

How to Build Monkey Bars for Adults?

It's straightforward to build adult Monkey Bars at home, and our step-by-step guide takes you through the installation process using your own device. We've even included all the tools required for self-assembly to make it easier.

Why Are Monkey Bars So Hard As An Adult?

Using your body weight momentum efficiently plays a huge role in mastering your success on adult Monkey Bars. It’s a great way to build upper body strength, and you’ll be a chimp in no time.