Monkey Bars for Kids

Get ready for your kids to go wild. Every kid loves an outdoor Monkey Bar and the endless possibilities of play. Our award-winning Monkey Bars for kids are a modular system with an array of innovative add-on play equipment, growing kids will never miss out.

23 products

23 products

Kids Monkey Bars: Only The Best For Your Children

Our stand-alone Monkey Bars for kids have been recognised with an Australian Good Design Awards. The world’s first height-adjustable Monkey Bar allows you to adapt to your changing family needs. We designed our kids Monkey Bar sets as a modular system, so not only can you choose the size of the Monkey Bar frame that best fits your backyard, you can pick from an array of outdoor play accessories to suit your family's age range and interests. As your family needs grow, you keep adding to them. With heights adjustable from 1.2 to 2.3 metres and some frames up to 3 metres, we can fully customise our Monkey Bars for kids.

Standalone And Modular Monkey Bars For Kids

Freestanding and portable, The Original is the base frame for all Monkey Bars with unique 'twirly whirly' bars bracing the stand against movement, so you can peg it down to the grass. Our kids Monkey Bars are also easy to install. We've made it super easy for self-installation, so that any novice can follow the step-by-step guide. We supply all the tools required for installation with your frame to make it a breeze.

Moreover, our Monkey Bar range of colours adds a splash of funkiness to your backyard. You can choose from a fabulous range of bright colours kids love, from purple, lime, green, and blue to red and silver. All Monkey Bar frames are tough and durable built to high Australian standards, with Australian galvanised steel to withstand all weather conditions. Our 900 mm wide x 3 metre long Monkey Bar is tough enough to take plenty of kids, so get ready for an ambush.

Monkey Bars For Kids: Made In Australia

There are so many kids Monkey Bar configurations to choose from, from The Orangutan with a load rate of 923 kg, making it suitable for kids and adults to The Chimp, The Gorilla, or The Ninja. Popular combinations include a Sling Swing and the Trapeze, or swap these accessories for the Cargo Net, Jungle Rope, or Chillin' Hammock Swing. The Gorilla PLUS Climbing Net is one of Funky Monkey Bars' most popular frames and is perfect for the whole family, with a 3-metre horizontal Climbing Net and a 3-metre height adjustable Monkey Bar to swing, climb, and scramble across. For smaller kids, The Cheeky Little Monkey is great fun and perfect for compact spaces.

You’ll soon get to know a Floating Flying Fox from a Combat Ladder or Firefighter’s pole like there’s no tomorrow. Our Monkey Bars for kids are hours of fun-filled adventures, whether it’s pure unadulterated play to body confidence or helping children develop body strength, skill, and coordination. With distribution across the globe, our Australia-made Monkey Bar systems can be shipped direct to our customers, no matter where you call home.

How to Build Monkey Bars for Kids?

Super easy installation kit with a step-by-step guide and required tools are included. Our additional funky levelling kit is perfect, even if you want to build on a significant slope or undulating yard.

What Age Can Kids Be to Use Monkey Bars?

Introduction to using Monkey Bars can start as early as three years. Just make a note of your child’s height, so you can adjust the Monkey Bar height to take age-appropriate challenges.

How High Should the Monkey Bars Be for Children?

Start with a height between 1.7 and 2 metres. Kids grow really quickly and learn to use Monkey Bars incredibly fast.