Kids Swings

Embark on a Swing-tastic Adventure with Funky Monkey Bars! Our innovative designs for kids’ swings offer endless scope for children of all ages and abilities. Feel the breeze as you swing through the fresh air with our fabulous swings for kids.

17 products

17 products

Modular Kids Swings for Outdoor Fun and Fitness

All of our Swing Sets for kids are designed and made to grow with your family. That's why we made sure you can always change and choose what your Swing Set will look like.

We have swings for toddlers, exciting Flying Fox Swings, or our relaxed and laid-back Chillin' Longboard and Chillin' Hammock Swings. There are many options for family fun. Do you feel like adding a different add-on to your Monkey Bar frame? We've got you covered. Swap that second swing with a boxing bag and let the little ones go all ninja on it.

Choose from our pre-configured sets or build your very own Swing Set for Kids with our digital technology. Choose from 18 swings, frames, colours, shapes and sizes for the best combination you can dream up, then keep adding as the family grows.

Unique Free-Standing, Safe and Robust Design: Our Kids Swings

Stable and robust, our Swing Sets for kids offer a huge load rating of up to 1.025kg. The weight of our Australian galvanised steel frame and innovative design using our groundbreaking Twirly Whirly Bars ensures rock-solid stability.

Despite being rock-solid, our frames are super easy to install and can withstand harsh weather conditions without any corrosion. At the same time, our rigid iron fittings keep our Swing Sets secure, so you get the highest quality swing for kids on the market.

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