Toddler Swings

Our clever toddler swings are the perfect add-on to our award-winning Funky Monkey Bars. They are strong and safe and add plenty of jazzy colour to your frame. Get ready to brighten up your backyard for fun-filled swinging action for your little ones.

19 products

19 products

The Ultimate Collection of Swings for Your Toddlers

We have swings for all ages, from toddlers to preschool and beyond: our extensive range of different swings offers countless shapes and sizes.

Pick a classic Toddler Swing for maximum security and stability, or go for a Swinging Cubby to join the swinging fun. Or find your toddler in one of our laid-back chillin' swings such as the Chillin' Hammock or the Chillin' Longboard swing. Your frame, your choice.

Most of our swings are super-easy to install yet firmly secured. Our bucket-shaped Toddler swing, for instance, comes complete with the Swing Hooks required to attach to our Funky Monkey Bars frame.

Robust, High-Quality Australia-Made Toddler Swing Sets

Our award-winning Funky Monkey Bars are the strongest on the market, made of top-quality Australian galvanised steel, coated inside and out against corrosion to withstand adverse weather and plenty of daily kids' play.

Rigid iron fittings ensure our modular Swing Sets are stable and secure for any amount of swinging or climbing from toddlers upwards. Our bucket-shaped Toddler Swing is made from tough and flexible polyethylene plastic to ensure security and comfort, including a three-point harness and a PVC-coated chain to prevent pinching little fingers.

With our 10-year warranty on The Funky Monkey Swing Set frames and 1-year warranty on the swings and hanging equipment – you get the ultimate peace of mind. Our Swing Set frame is made at our manufacturing site in Western Australia to the highest standards, reassuring parents that our products are the best quality and the safest.

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How to Hang a Toddler Swing?

Hanging our Toddler Swing is very easy – use our Funky Monkey Bars Swing Frame or Monkey Bars for installation, and we've included Swing Hooks so you can attach it directly to the structure. It's straightforward and takes no time at all.

What Is the Safest Swing for a Toddler?

Our Toddler Swing and Swing Sets are incredibly safe and made to the highest Australian manufacturing standards.The swing is made from polyethylene plastic and includes a three-point hardness and PVC-coated chain to prevent pinching little fingers.