Climbing Ladders

The Funky Monkey Bars Climbing Ladders are the perfect way to increase the challenge of your Playground Equipment and up the fitness of the entire family—strong enough for kids and adults up to 180kgs.

8 products

8 products

Easy to Add On Climbing Ladders and Bars

We make adding Climbing Ladders to your Funky Monkey Bars easy. You’ll have your little ninjas, gymnasts, and daredevils higher within minutes with our Combat Ladder or Cheeky Combat Ladder. You can combine our monkey ladders with Accessories like the Jungle Rope or our Ninja Grips. You may also want to throw down a crash mat!

Climbing Ladders: Made in Australia

Funky Monkey Bars climbing ladders are of the highest quality. We make them here in Australia using Australian galvanised steel tubes with malleable iron fittings for strength and longevity. We then powder-coat them with Dulux powder coating to prevent corrosion. To top it off, our ladder frames also come with a 10-year warranty.

Plus, unlike regular ladders that go straight across, ours go up, across, and back down again to activate different muscle groups. So you will have the strongest and most agile kids on the block, one climbing bar at a time.