Backyard Swings

Swing into backyard bliss! Discover our fantastic collection of backyard swings and get ready for endless playtime magic! Watch as your backyard transforms into a playground wonderland - where fun meets the sun.

19 products

19 products

The Ultimate Backyard Swing on the Market: Large or Small

For smaller backyards, compact swings such as the Sling Swing or Rubber Swing or Trapeze are the real deal. All can be easily attached to the Funky Monkey Bar frame. All swings can hold up to 130kg if someone's inner child comes out (all eyes on you, dad).

Anyone with a bigger backyard and those who already bought a larger frame, such as the Cheeky Little Monkey or The Mandrill, should get their hands on our (2.3 or 6 metres, respectively) Flying Fox Swing for the ultimate swing fun.

The beauty of our backyard swings is that there are many choices. Whether for little ones to teens or grown-ups, our collection of swings for your backyard ticks all the boxes for year-round family fun and fitness.

Moreover, you can now build your Swing Set with our new digital technology – shapes, sizes, colours – each swing set is entirely customisable.

Safe and Easy-To-Install Swings for Your Backyard

Our groundbreaking design using Australian galvanised steel ensures our structures are solid and stable without any corrosion to withstand all types of weather and daily play – with an impressive load rating of up to 1,025kg.

Our unique 'Twirly Whirly Bars' is a part of all our Funky Monkey Bar designs for our backyard swings, which means there is no digging or concreting required.

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