Backyard Monkey Bars

Get ready to revolutionize your backyard space with our award-winning backyard Monkey Bars. The ultimate in play and fitness for all the family, our stand-alone backyard Monkey Bar sets are modular and grow with your family, so everyone can join in with the fun.

23 products

23 products

Backyard Monkey Bars: Strong And Robust

Our ground-breaking, free-standing backyard Monkey Bar design is transforming modern Australian backyards into a new level of playground fun and fitness with safety at the core. Recognised with an Australian Good Design Awards, our Monkey Bars for backyards offer the highest level of strength, stability, and portability. Backed by a 10-year warranty, our backyard Monkey Bar frames are made to exceptionally high Australian quality manufacturing standards. Whether monkeying around to gymnastics, strength training, or a bar workout, our backyard Monkey Bar frames are strong enough for kids and adults.

Backyard Monkey Bars: Australia Made

All our Funky Monkey Bars frames use Australian galvanised steel – with unique Australian technology used to protect the steel, so that means no corrosion. So no matter rain or sun, our modular backyard Monkey Bar sets are ready for action in all weather conditions. Our slick designs and tough, durable materials ensure that our collection of Monkey Bars is perfect for backyards, small and large.

With the world's first height-adjustable Monkey Bar from 1.2 to 2.3 metres, our frame adapts in height as your family grows. Kids can take on various age-related challenges, with some structures reaching 3 metres so that you can keep fit and active for longer. With load rates from 756 kg to 1.620 kg, there are plenty of choices.

Backyard Monkey Bars: Easy Installation

All our Funky Monkey Bars use a unique free-standing patent design that features 'twirly whirly' bars to brace the fame against movement. That's right - no concreting is required. Just peg it down on the grass, ready for action.

Brighten up your backyard with funky colours from green, purple, blue, red, and silver will also delight the kids. The Original is the base frame for all backyard Monkey Bars, and the configurations are endless to add extra frames, accessories, and play equipment. What's more, our backyard Monkey Bars are straightforward to install with our step-by-step guide, and all the tools required are included – your kids will be going wild in no time.

Monkey Bars For Big Or Small Backyards

Designed for narrow backyards, The Orangutan is a 5 m x 2 m wide frame with Monkey Bars and two Swing Ladders, featuring a Sling Swing and Trapeze. For climbers, add the Cargo Wall to build skills and body confidence; what better way to hang out monkey style?

The Chimp and The Gorilla are popular backyard favourites, too, with a brilliant array of accessories for kids of all ages, so nobody ever misses out. Even little ones can load up on the fun with The Cheeky Little Monkey frame for small backyards.

Whether a budding gymnastics or spinning enthusiast, all our backyard Monkey Bars and funky add-on accessories offer never-ending training, climbing, swinging and strength-building opportunities. Moreover, we distribute worldwide, so we can sell direct to our customers regardless of where you live.

Backyard Monkey Bars FAQ

How To Build Monkey Bars for Backyard?

Our step-by-step guide offers a straightforward way to install your backyard Monkey Bars. Installation is easy, with all the tools required included, so everything is on hand.