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  • The Mandrill will give you the ultimate WOW factor in your backyard, just beware it could draw a crowd of neighbourhood kids.

    The Mandrill is the largest frame in the Funky Monkey Bars family with an 8m x 3m footprint just be aware we’ve made temporary changes to create The Mandrill V2, as we are currently out of stock of The Flying Fox (expected back in June).

    The Mandrill V2 has two three-metre monkey bars that can be set at different heights and in different colours,it boasts four swing stations that can be swapped out for other accessories and now it also features the NEW Ninja Delta Rings on an Accessories Bar and the popular NEW Horizontal Jungle Rope. It's one amazing playground that will entertain a party of kids of different ages, confidence levels and capabilities.

    Just when you think you’ve got it all in one, we can still provide extra accessories down the track for the fun to continue. Super popular is adding-on the Nest Swing Package or another Accessories Bar with Ninja Grips, The Combat Ladder, Roman Rings and Boxing Bags.


    • Two 3m x 900mm, nine rung, height adjustable monkey bars that grow up with the kids from 1.2 to 2.3 metres.
    • Set one monkey bar down low for the younger kids and another up high, or just create one 6 metre monkey bar run.
    • Be aware we’ve made temporary changes to create The Mandrill V2 as we are out of stock of the Flying Fox (expected back in June) and swapped it for the NEW Ninja Delta Rings & the popular NEW Horizontal Jungle Rope. 
    • You have a Rubber Swing, Sling Swing and climbing Cargo Net included and hang upside down on the trapeze.
    • A modular frame with the ability to grow over time with the addition of more frames and more awesome add-ons.
    • Popular to add-on is The Nest Swing Package, a Fireman’s Pole, The Combat Ladder and other Ninja gear.
    • Super strong and stable, Australian galvanised steel frame that’s completely free-standing.
    • Stabilised by Funky Monkey Bars unique design and the fun and functional 900mm twirly-whirly bars.
    • No need to concrete the footings into the ground, just peg onto grass at each anchor point.
    • Load rated to 1,620kgs suitable for kids and adults.

  • 8m (L)x 3m (W) x 2.3m (H)

    Plan & Side View Download
  • Item #SKUContentWeight (kg)Length (cm)Width (cm)Height (mm)
    1A-29502 X LADDERS 2950mm long18296148
    2A-29502 X LADDERS 2950mm long18296148
    3B-2.32 X ADJUSTABLE LEGS 2300mm long14231148
    4B-2.32 X ADJUSTABLE LEGS 2300mm long14231148
    5B-2.32 X ADJUSTABLE LEGS 2300mm long14231148
    6C4 X TW BARS10.5911414
    7C4 X TW BARS10.5911414
    8D-1313 X RUNGS14.588298
    9D-1111 X RUNGS12.588298
    10F22 X DOUBLE SWING BAR18296148
    11F22 X DOUBLE SWING BAR18296148
    12F5-2.32 X SWING LEG 2300mm long14231148
    13F5-2.32 X SWING LEG 2300mm long14231148
    14F5-2.32 X SWING LEG 2300mm long14231148
    16OCARGO NET + 2 X TEES + 1050MM SILVER BAR71161414
    17N1FLYING FOX8322232
    18Q24 X BASE + 4 X TEE + 4 X ELBOW + 4 X PEG10202020
    19U210 X BASE + 12 X TEE + 4 X ELBOW + BOX220322232


We’ve made our Funky Monkey Bars® to suit you with a host of features that make our award-winning play and fitness equipment tough, durable, creative, portable, to high safety standards and above all fun.


There is no need to cement Funky Monkey Bars into the ground. The unique patent Funky Monkey Bar design with its twirly - whirly bars provide the stability - just peg it down on grass.


As kids grow in size, skill and confidence the height adjustable Funky Monkey Bars can grow with them. Height adjustable anywhere between 1.2 to 2.3m and now with 3m Height Extenders.


All Funky Monkey Bars® playground configurations are designed to Australian Safety Standard AS4685 with certified load ratings between 420 to 1.920kgs.


All Funky Monkey Bars® are made from Australian galvanised steel tube and stainless steel screws and coloured with Dulux outdoor powder coating - it'll withstand the weather and last for generations.


Our Funky Monkey Bars frames are all proudly Australian designed and made. We’re a family business, based in Perth Western Australia pursuing a dream we share with our children.


Funky Monkey Bars come flat packed, with full instructions and all the tools to easily assemble and install in the backyard - just add a little muscle.