• Introducing the NEW Aerial Hoop by Funky Monkey Bars for circus performance and fun in your own backyard.

    This circus accessory is a fantastic challenge that for a full body workout, building strength in your arms, upper-body and core.

    Sit, stand and swing on your Aerial Hoop in a number of elegant poses and exercises to increase your flexibility and strength.


    The 930mm Aerial Hoop is manufactured with 304 stainless steel, 25mm diameter tube.

    It includes an aluminium swivel, high tensile steel carabiner and swing hook.

    Designed to be attached to the one metre, 25mm height-adjustable webbing strap.

    Load rated to 130kg

    PLEASE NOTE: The Aerial Hoop requires a Height Extender (Top), Height Extender (Side) or an Accessories Bar for installation.

  • Item # SKU Weight (kg) Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (mm)
    1 AERHOO 8 100 100 8

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