Height Extender (top)

  • The NEW Height Extender can take your Funky Monkey Bars to a higher level to hang our popular accessories from a 3m high Accessories Bar.

    The Height Extender (Top) is designed to attach to an existing Funky Monkey Bars frame and sits atop two swing frames positioned opposite one another ie. on The Ninja, The Gorilla, The Lemur, The Orangutan, The Marmoset, The Tamarin with swing frames and The Mandrill.

    Included is a 3m Accessories Bar which is perfect to hang Ninja Grips, Ninja Delta Rings and other gymnastics and ninja accessories in the Funky Monkey Bars pipeline.


    • Includes Australian galvanised steel frame, powder coated silver
    • Includes malleable iron fittings made to attach to an existing Funky Monkey Bars frame.
    • Includes 2.95m Accessories Bar to be able to hang a range of Funky Monkey Bars accessories.
    • Load rated to 180kg.

    The Height Extender (Top) must be attached between two swing frames on a Funky Monkey Bars frame.

    PLEASE NOTE: Funky Monkey Bars recommends the use of crash mats under a 3m high frame.

    Crash mats are currently available in Australia from AMCO Australia

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