Use our NEW Augmented Reality (AR) technology to virtually place popular Funky frames in your backyard

Get a sense of the size, scale, and detail of some of our most popular frames.

Demo and interact with the frames from the comfort of your own home

Place The Gorilla and The Gorilla PLUS virtually in your own backyard.


1. Go to the GORILLA or GORILLA PLUS on your phone and click the icon to ‘View in your space’.

Follow the instructions to place the frame in your space. More frames to come soon!

2. Move your frame

Once the 3D Frame is detected, you can move around your space with the following gestures:

Zoom in & out – Pinch your screen to make the Frame bigger or smaller.

Relocate - Place one finger on the Frame, hold and drag to move to a new location.

Rotate - Place two fingers parallel and rotate both fingers clockwise or counterclockwise.

Take a photo

Once you are happy with the position of your frame click the shutter button on your camera.

PLEASE NOTE: AR technologies are for demonstration purposes only. Please refer to our product dimensions for accurate measurements.

*Available on your smartphone and iPad only