Outdoor Swings

Get ready for a lifetime of play with our vast range of innovative outdoor swings, colours and add-on accessories for hours of fun and fitness activities for all the family.

21 products

21 products

Big Range of Outdoor Swings for Hours of Fun

Transform your outdoors into a hive of play activity with our outdoor swings for all ages and all abilities – so nobody misses out. You can choose from a fabulous range of Swings (Nest Swings being a popular choice), Cubby Swings, Rubber Swings or other add-ons, such as a Large Boxing Bag or Netball Hoop.

We designed our entire range of outdoor swings and other funky add-ons to be modular, so you can keep adding to your Monkey Bars as your family grows and needs change.

Our new digital technology allows you to customise what outdoor swing types best suit your family. So, from little ones upwards, we've got you covered for years of play with many swing options and add-on play equipment.

Unique Free-Standing, Safe and Robust Design: Made in Australia

We take safety seriously, which is why our Monkey Bar Frames use the highest-quality Australian galvanised steel made to the highest standards. We designed our range of outdoor swings to attach to our rock-solid modular Monkey Bar frames for complete simplicity.

Solid and stable with an impressive load rating of 1,025kg, our outdoor Swing Set frames are coated inside and out against corrosion to withstand extreme weather and endless play with rigid iron fittings for extra secure hold.

Feel free to browse through our entire range of Swings.