Jungle Gym

Childhood just isn't childhood without a Jungle Gym. A Jungle Gym offers kids endless possibilities for play, building strength, and using their budding imaginations. Our award-winning Funky Monkey Jungle Gyms for the backyard are a modular system with adjustable bar heights and loads of super fun Add-Ons. That means our Climbing Jungle Gym Frames can grow and evolve with your entire family's changing sizes, needs, and interests.

23 products

23 products

Easy to Install and Made in Australia: Our Outdoor Jungle Gyms

Our Jungle Gyms use unique 900mm 'Twirly-Whirly' Bars bracing that peg down to the grass and stand up against movement in all directions. No cement needed! We'll ship you all the tools required for installation with your Jungle Gym Frame and step-by-step instructions to make assembly painless.

In addition to being easy to install, all our Jungle Gym Frames are durable, long-lasting, and come with a 10-year warranty. We build them in Australia out of galvanised steel and coat them inside and out to withstand corrosion and years of child ambush.

Jungle Gym Equipment: Made for Every Backyard

Worried that your backyard isn't big enough? We have Mini Jungle Gym sizes with narrower frames perfect for small spaces. You can start by checking out these more compact favourites: Cheeky Little Monkey, The Orangutan and the Silver Back. And remember, all our Jungle Gyms are modular, so you can adjust the size up and down and the number of accessories to fit your space and needs.

And they're stylish, too. Your backyard Jungle Gym is something you, not to mention your neighbours, see every day. And like your grass or garden, you want it to be something you're proud of. Our Monkey Bars are available in various colours: purple, lime green, green, blue, red, and silver. Your kids will love it, and your neighbours will envy it!

Don't live in Australia? We deliver our Jungle Gym Playground Equipment worldwide. So you can get our Australia-made Monkey Bar systems delivered directly to wherever your backyard happens to be.

Jungle Gyms for Kids and Adults

Why should kids have all the fun? We're the first to admit that we love hanging and climbing around on Jungle Gyms. That's why we've made so many frames for adults, including The Orangutan, with a load rate of 923 kg. The Chimp, The Gorilla, The Ninja, and The Gorilla PLUS are also strong and fun for the whole family. If your focus is a workout more than play, The Tamarin Plus, rated 1,035kgs, is a favourite adult jungle gym for building strength and gymnastics training.