Climbing Nets

Our Funky Monkey Bar Climbing Nets collection gives your avid little climbers endless possibilities. Rope nets help them build strength, coordination, and confidence while having endless fun and using their imagination. Ask any kid, and they will tell you a climbing net is the must-have Funky Monkey Bar Accessory.

4 products

4 products

Climbing Nets: The King of the Playground

When it comes to outdoor Playground Equipment, it's hard to beat our Climbing Nets. The little ones can spend hours hanging on the rope web pretending to be Spiderman. And the bigger kids love to scramble up and over the Cargo Wall in races against their friends or to challenge Mum's and Dad's personal best. Think you've got what it takes? Add on the Firefighter's Pole and Jungle Ropes for the ultimate obstacle course.

Our play nets for kids don't just go up and down—we now have a three-metre Horizontal Climbing Net too. You can attach sturdy rubber-grip handles underneath it for a serious added challenge, or take advantage of the shade mesh tarp that goes with it for a bit of rest in the shade.

Easy to Attach Climbing Nets

Funky Monkey Climbing Nets come with all the sturdy fittings and accessory bars you need to tightly secure the rope nets to the Funky Monkey Bars Frames—including The Orangutan, The Gorilla, The Tamarin PLUS, The Mandrill, The Marmoset, The Gibbon and The Baboon. You may have to move other accessories or add-ons to make room for the climbing net.

Durable, Australia Proof, Rot-Resistant Climbing Rope

We've made all our vertical Funky Monkey Climbing Nets for the playground with 12mm thick, rot-resistant polypropylene rope. Our Horizontal Climbing Net is made with heavy-duty polyester strapping that is UV-rated for the Australian sun. We do all this to give your climbing nets the most extended life possible, even in the harshest conditions.