Santa Delivered A Golden Rung

It was Christmas morning and Santa had delivered a Funky Monkey Bar package and in the scramble to unwrap the boxes a ‘golden rung’ was revealed, much to the surprise of the three children and an even greater surprise for Mum and Dad.

Katrina and John Thompson struggled to reserve their excitement about Santa’s delivery as they’d just discovered they were the winners of the Golden Rung competition and that the full price of the kid’s new $1,790 Orangutan would be refunded by Funky Monkey Bars.

In the spirit of giving at Christmas and another childhood favourite, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Funky Monkey Bars had secretly planted a bonus golden rung in one of the boxes containing Funky Monkey Bars that were dispatched before Christmas.

Katrina Thompson, of Warwick in Western Australia, was totally blown away by the discovery of the golden rung in their packaging and said, “It made our Christmas – we’ve never won anything like this.”

John had taken a sneak peek at the colour of the poles on delivery but had not delved inside the rung box ahead of the Christmas morning unwrapping.

Courtney (9), Annika (5) and Blair (3) have been outside at the crack of dawn each day since Christmas Day enjoying their new Funky Monkey Bar. Annika has mastered the monkey bars for the first time and will soon start back at school as a Year 1, ready to ‘hang out’ with her friends.

The golden rung now shines brightly amidst the blue monkey bar rungs as a constant reminder of the Thompson family’s good luck.

Congratulations, we trust The Orangutan will bring you years of enjoyment.