Installing your Funky frame before Christmas?

Our Top 10 Tips for a Funky Installation 

With Christmas Day fast approaching and busy parents and families everywhere, we've pulled together our Top 10 Tips to help you install your Funky Monkey Bars and make it a cracking Christmas for all.



1. Check your Delivery

Lots of boxes make up your Funky Monkey Bars frame and it is common that your big boxes and small boxes arrive on different days (known as a split delivery in courier terms).
Give it a few days for all the boxes to arrive and then you'll find your handy packers have left you a list of all the boxes that make up your order in the box labelled 'N' (for frames).


2. Where to find your instructions

The first box to identify is the Q20 (or Q22 for The Cheeky Little Monkey) as here's where you will find your very helpful instructions, the critical Hardware Kit and the Funky tools to start your build.


3. Read them, they're brilliant

The guy who writes our instructions is a whizz so take some time to read them. In there, you'll find an Inventory List for the frame (note that it doesn't include any add-ons you've ordered to customise your frame).
Take out all the poles and fittings, lay them across the yard (or shed) to check them off and become familiar with the components.

4. Step-by-step Approach

We can't stress enough how much time and love goes into writing the perfect instructions so follow them step-by-step and don't leap ahead too quickly.
It's heavy galvanised steel pipe and we don't want you to have to re-do any of the construction as the experience certainly won't be as fun!

5. Build Ahead of Time

If you've got somewhere to work ahead of Christmas Eve, we'd strongly encourage you to start on the construction before the Night Before Christmas! 🙊

Start by building your monkey bar ladder and legs and store them away for later - you could also make a start on building the Twirly-Whirly Bars that support your Funky frame. This will save you a lot of valuable time.


6. Video Tips Online

Take time out to watch our handy installation videos that are available on our website 24/7 as these will help to familiarise yourself with how the modular frame comes together.

This can be a great help for the visually-minded.


7. Setting the height of your monkey bar ladder

Funky Monkey Bars are height-adjustable and a good rule of thumb is to set the height about 10-20mm above the child's hands when they stretch up to the sky.

They can then safely reach out and build their confidence as they grow.


8. When you think you're done, tighten the grub screws

We like to point out that to make your frame as stable as possible you need to ensure all the grub screws are super tight. 

When you think they're tight - grab the allen key and give them one more full turn! 💪

Watch our 'How-to' video here.


9. Check the Twirly Whirly Bars are 'loaded'

This is one of the most important installation tips to reduce the movement in your frame and take up any extra slope or undulation in your backyard. 

Watch our 'How-to' video here.


10. Stand back and admire your handy work

Now before the surprise is revealed to the kids. Step back, sit down and admire your work! Not even Father Christmas could've done such an awesome job for the family. 🥰

Kids love Funky Monkey Bars and your kids will love their new frame for years to come.

Congratulations on making a great investment in a lifetime of fun and fitness.