Installation & Maintenance Videos

Top 10 Tips for Installation

If you’ve had Funky Monkey Bars delivered recently, here’s our Top 10 Tips to Install from our Directors, Shane & Colin, to help with self-installation. This information will help to answer some of your most common questions. Please note that...


It's important to regularly maintain your Funky Monkey Bars frame. We advise doing these quick checks before heavy-use and twice a month during play season.  TIGHTEN ALL HARDWARE; GRUB SCREWS, NUTS & BOLTS. ENSURE ALL PEGS ARE SECURED IN...

How to Assemble ‘The Original’ Funky Monkey Bars frame.

The Original is the base frame for all Funky Monkey Bars frames.  Join Director, Shane, as he demonstrates how to install the frame in your backyard.

How Tight Should Your Grub Screws Be?

It's super important to tighten the grub screws and bolts on your frame when you install and for ongoing maintenance of your frame. Director, Colin demonstrates how tight they should be.

How to Load Your Twirly Whirly Bars

This is a super useful tip to level your frame and make it stable and secure in your backyard.  Follow along as we demonstrate how to 'load' your stabilising bars.

How to level your frame

Funky Monkey Bars unique design and fittings allow you to install on grass that's undulating or uneven. Watch this video for tips on how you level your frame.

How to Install a Single or Double Swing Frame

Most playground designs by Funky Monkey Bars incorporate a single or a double swing frame to hang more fabulous accessories.  Check these tips on how to install this extra frame.

How to Assemble the Legs

It's a simple step that's important to get right to ensure a straight and stable monkey bar frame.  Check out these tips on assembling the legs of your frame.

Maintaining Your Funky Monkey Bars

It's important to do a regular maintenance check on your Funky Monkey Bars frame.  Director, Colin, takes you through maintenance steps.