Family with eight kids chooses The Gorilla for backyard fun

When Mum of 8, including two-year-old quintuplets, Kim Tucci went looking for backyard play ideas that would keep them all entertained outdoors, she couldn’t go past The Gorilla by Funky Monkey Bars.

Going to the local park had just got too hard and Kim wanted to enjoy her well-deserved coffee while her gaggle of kids happily played in their own backyard.

The Gorilla is Funky Monkey Bars most popular outdoor play configuration because everyone in the family can get outside and have some fun; big kids, little kids and fitness loving parents.

The Tucci’s five, two-year-olds enjoy the Toddler Swing, are learning to climb on the Cargo Net, hang from the Twirly Whirly bars and the Trapeze and they all jump in the Nest Swing together - with or without Mum or Dad.

Their big sisters help them out with a push on the Swing and teach them how to climb up the Cargo Net. You see the adoration of the little-ones as their big sisters swing and hang freely from the height-adjustable monkey bars. They’ll all be up there soon enough!

All the stations on a Funky Monkey Bar help build core strength, coordination and resilience to tackle the challenge of the monkey bars and to face further obstacles as they grow.

The Gorilla is a solid and secure frame yet it doesn’t need to be cemented in – like all Funky Monkey Bars you just peg it onto grass.

At its core is The Original Funky Monkey Bar, which be purchased as the starting model that you can continue to build onto over time and add swings, more frames and other sports and play equipment.

The most popular addition to The Gorilla is the fabulous Floating Flying Fox which the Tucci family added as a birthday surprise for five-year-old Indiana.

Kim also enjoys outdoor fitness training and has her sights set on conquering the monkey bars and adding the new Funky Monkey Bars Boxing Bags and ninja training equipment.