• Channel your inner Ninja or Traceur and hone your gymnastics skills with Funky Monkey Bars NEW Lache Bars.

    Made up of three x 33mm diameter bars and two x 3 metres of galvanised and powder coated steel pipe, our clever design allows you to adjust the distance between each bar. Perfect to practice your lache as you can widen the gap between the bars as your skills grow!

    With a two hand grip, use your body as momentum to swing and release, jumping from one bar to the other until you get to the other side. Or use the Lache Bars for wide monkey bar, swinging action.

    Designed to fit between two Swing Frames on a Funky Monkey Bars Australian-made frame only.

    PLEASE NOTE: A safety gym/crash mat under the fall zone is recommended to reduce the risk of injury.


    • The Lache Bars require a Funky Monkey Bars frame with two Single Swing Frames opposite each other for installation.
    • It can be swapped out with other accessories to fit to The Orangutan, The Gorilla, The Combat Ninja The Tamarin PLUS, The Mandrill, The Marmoset, The Gibbon or The Baboon frames.
    • We recommend Swing Frames are left empty of any other Accessories or Add-ons to avoid any hazards while Lache Bars are in full use.

  • Box Quantity Box Code 
    1I6 - Lache Bars x 3 
    1F2 - 2950 Swing Bars x 2 
    1Q6 - Fittings
    1Q31 - Fittings
    Total Boxes = 4 

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