Horizontal Climbing Net (2.3M) The Cheeky Little Monkey

Twist, swing and scramble!

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  • The NEW Horizontal Climbing Net is an exciting new challenge in our cargo net range and the 2.3m net is made to attach to the Cheeky Little Monkey Frame.

    Spanning the 2.3m length between the two swing frames, channel your inner ninja or rock climber and scramble upside-down from one end to the other.

    You can create your own Ninja Warrior obstacle by attaching the rubber-grip handles anywhere you want, on the underside of the Horizontal Climbing Net.  

    It’s a tough challenge, to monkey swing yourself across the handles!

    Attach between the Accessories Bar on The Cheeky Little Monkey and the additional Accessories Bar included with the 2.3m Climbing Net kit.


    • The black Horizontal Climbing Net is made of heavy-duty polyester strapping and a tough shade mesh tarp.
    • UV-rated to Australian conditions and rot-resistant.
    • 10 detachable handles with sturdy rubber grips to create your own obstacle course
    • One Accessory Bar included to attach to your frame (see above)
    • Complete with quick link connections to attach and detach the Horizontal Climbing Net to your Funky frame.
    • The Horizontal Climbing Net 2.3M is load-rated to 360kgs.
    • Dimensions: 2.3m (L) x 1.85m (W)


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