Flying Fox Handle

  • You’ve seen our Flying Fox seat, now get ready for the brand-new Flying Fox Handle by Funky Monkey Bars.

    Hold on tight and zoom through the air, back and forth on a three-metre pole. A stainless-steel swivel bracket also allows you to achieve effortless 360 spins - combine zooming and spinning for ultimate backyard fun!

    With the help of an adjustable strap, the Flying Fox Handle can be altered at different heights to accommodate the entire family.


    • Dimensions: The Flying Fox Handle consists of a stainless-steel base with quality rubber handles, measuring 320mm in width and 32mm in diameter – designed for both big and small kids.
    • Colour: Black and grey handle, with a black and orange strap.
    • Load rated: up to 130kg

  • Item # SKU Weight (kg) Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (mm)
    1 FFH 3 32 20 10