Cheeky Height Extender (Top)

Cheeky Height Extender (Top)

Add height, not footprint

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  • The NEW Cheeky Height Extender (top) takes The Cheeky Little Monkey Bars frame to a higher level to hang popular accessories at a 3m height from a 2.3m long Accessories Bar.

    Perfect for growing kids wanting to challenge themselves further, and add-on new accessories.

    Designed to attach; 3m Birds Nest Swing, 3m Jungle Rope, Roman Rings, Ninja Grips & Ninja Delta Rings, Aerial equipment and other accessories.

    The Cheeky Height Extender (Top) is made to attach to the Australian designed and made Cheeky Little Monkey and Cheeky Little Monkey PLUS frames only.

    This item is positioned on top of the existing frame, above the Cargo Net and Swing Station, so that the footprint stays the same at 3.5m (L) x 2.3m (W),


    • Frame made from Australian galvanised steel, powder-coated in silver, with malleable iron fittings for strength and longevity.
    • Designed and made in Australia to sit atop The Cheeky Little Monkey frames by Funky Monkey Bars only.
    • Adds an additional 700mm height on the frame for greater challenge and to add-on new equipment.
    • Includes 2.3m long Accessories Bar to hang a range of Funky Monkey Bars accessories.
    • 10-year warranty on the Cheeky Height Extender (side)
    • Load rated to 180kg for kids and adults.

    Notes to add on: Made to add to The Cheeky Little Monkey or The Cheeky Little Monkey PLUS only. Fits on top of the frame above the Cargo Net & Swing Station.

  • Box QuantityBox Code & Contents
    1F07 - 1 x 2300mm silver pipe  
    1I02 - 2 x 1040mm silver pipe
    1M02 - 4 x 600mm silver pipe
    1Q20 - 4 x Elbows (125-D), 2 x Long Short Tees (101L-D), 1 x Extra Long Tee (104L-D), 3 x Straight Thru (119-D)
    Total Boxes = 4