3m Jungle Rope

  • Climb, swing and clamber up and down the NEW 3m Jungle Rope designed to attach to Funky Monkey Bars NEW Combat Ladder and NEW 3m Height Extender Bars.

    A popular accessory for climbers, ninjas and gymnasts of all ages as they all love the tricks that can be performed with a free hanging rope.

    Made from a strong polyester, the 38mm diameter rope is designed for outdoor use. It has an industrial strength, hot dipped galvanised steel hook that’s shrink wrapped to protect young hands.

    Comes with the Swing Hook designed to attach to your Funky Monkey Bars frame.


    • 3m x 38mm diameter strong polyester made for outdoor use.
    • Black rope with a flash of lime green.
    • Shrink wrapped steel hook to protect hands.
    • Load rated to 130kg

    PLEASE NOTE: Requires Funky Monkey Bars Combat Ladder or 3m Height Extender to hang at a 3m height.

  • Item # SKU Content Weight (kg) Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (mm)
    1 JUNG/S/3000 Jungle Rope - Single Hanger 3000mm Long + Hook 3.5 70 18 13