Award-winning, modular, free-standing, height-adjustable monkey bars for your backyard. Manufactured in Australia, to high quality standards, as only the best will do for our kids. Keep your child active, outdoors, and physically challenged for hours and hours on end.

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23 products

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A History Of Our Funky Monkey Bars

It all started twelve years ago when a little girl asked for a set of monkey bars in her backyard, just like the ones she played on at school. So, her determined dad, Founder Shane Roberts, set off to find the best monkey bar playset he could find, only to discover that the only ones available for retail sale required bolting to concrete or digging up the backyard. 

After strategizing with his builder brother, together they dreamed up a vision for a concept and design that would later become the very first Funky Monkey Bars playset. The original simple metal frame they created served as the launching point for what would become the world’s first free-standing and adjustable modular monkey bar set. 

Free-Standing and Adjustable Monkey Bars

Our free-standing Funky Monkey Bars have been independently awarded for their innovative design and require no bolting to concrete. The base frame for all of our sets is the original and comes with four Twirly Whirly Bars designed to brace the frame against movement and allow it to stand by simply pegging it down to the grass. 

Because our Monkey Bars require no bolting to concrete, they’re easy to move to different areas within your yard or pack up and take with you on your next move. All of our Monkey Bars are height adjustable and come in different dimensions from 1.2 metres to 2.3 metres in height (and some sets like the Gorilla Plus Climbing Net extend as high as 3 metres). So no matter which frame you choose, it’s designed to grow with your child to keep them engaged and challenged.

Monkey Bars: Australia Made    

Funky Monkey Bars is a family-owned Australian company that’s been designing and manufacturing backyard playsets in Australia for over 12 years. Our Monkey Bars are manufactured in Perth, but we ship our frames not just across Australia, but around the world. 

As a company, our primary focus is always on the quality, safety, and comfort of our customers first. That’s why all of our Monkey Bar frames are built within the strictest of Australian safety standards so that you’ll feel confident knowing your child can push themselves physically and mentally on our safe and sturdy structures. 

Monkey Bars That Are Built To Last

Made from galvanised Australian steel that’s double-coated on the inside and out, our Funky Monkey Bars are built to last through rough and tumble play and harsh Australian weather conditions.

As a company, we're committed to using only the best materials available on the market to create high-quality and versatile Monkey Bar structures with endless possibilities for outdoor fun. 

All of our Playsets are powder-coated using UV-protected Dulux and Interpon paints to protect your Monkey Bars against harsh Australian weather conditions. Each frame comes in a variety of cheerful colours for you to choose from to brighten up your backyard. 

Finally, weight loaded for up to 756 KG for our original frame and 1690 KG for the ultimate Mandrill PLUS, our Monkey Bars are meant to support the rough and tumble play of adults and children alike.

Our 10-year warranty guarantees a long lifespan for your Monkey Bars for years to come. We guarantee you’ll love our strong and sturdy frames.

Customisable Monkey Bars

Customise your Monkey Bar set, so you can tailor it to the interests of your family by adding equipment like a nest swing to your original Funky Monkey Bars frame. With over 50 accessories to choose from, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the ultimate outdoor playground structure for kids of all ages to enjoy. 

Unlike any other Monkey Bars available for sale in Australia, our unique modular design allows for endless flexibility and unlimited challenges to support every stage of your child's development. 

Our unique modular system has taken backyard Monkey Bars and Playground Equipment to a new level in versatility. As a company, we continue to break new ground in design and innovation by introducing new components every year that add-on to the modular range of fun.

Explore our wide range of accessories here.

Easy To Install Monkey Bars

Not only are Funky Monkey Bars versatile, long-lasting, and fun, but they’re also designed to be quick and easy to assemble. Our step-by-step guide provides detailed instructions meant for any novice to be able to follow at home. 

What’s more, included with your set are all the tools you need, and we recommend it is easier with two people to set up your Funky Monkey Bars together. 

You can find videos with tips and tricks on easy assembly on our website.

Funky Monkey Bars are the only playset your family will ever need. Explore our wide range of products today.

How To Build Monkey Bars?

Our Monkey Bars are easy to build and come with a detailed step-by-step guide. No extra tools are needed, but we do recommend two people take on the challenge armed with a level of a little muscle.

What Are Monkey Bars?

Monkey Bars are part of a child’s jungle gym play structure. They typically consist of an overhead style ladder that children can swing from.

What Are Monkey Bars Made Of?

Monkey Bars are typically made from metal or galvanised steel. Funky Monkey Bars are made from Australian galvanised steel that is double-coated on the inside and out to avoid corrosion.