Monkey Bars & Swing Sets

Transform your backyard with our new Monkey Bars Swing Sets. A modern timeless classic, our modular and adjustable frames with add-on accessories are the only playsets your backyard will ever need. 

23 products

23 products

Adjustable Monkey Bars Swing Sets

Make your child's backyard dreams come true with our modular Monkey Bars Swing Sets. Swap the swings, climbing nets and cubby houses and add on more monkey bars or climbing frames. Whether your child is big or small, our Monkey Bar Swing Sets grow with your child and help with age-appropriate physical challenges. 

What’s more, our Monkey Bar Swing Sets require no bolting because our unique “Twirly Whirly” Bars brace the frame against movement and allow it to stand simply by pegging it down to the grass. The fact that our Swing Sets and Monkey Bars require no bolting means you can move them around your yard or take them with you when you move. 

Fully Customisable Monkey Bars Swing Sets

Unlike any other Monkey Bars with a Swing Set available for sale, our unique modular design allows for endless flexibility and unlimited play possibilities to support every age and stage of your child's development. 

With new accessories and swings being added every year, you have the unique opportunity to customise our Monkey Bars Swing Sets to match your child’s current interests and abilities. The possibilities for creating the ultimate play structure are endless when you explore our wide range of Toddler Swings, Nest Swings, Flying Fox Swings, and more. 

Australian Made Monkey Bars Swing Sets

Your child's safety is our top priority, which is why all of our Swing Sets with Monkey Bars are built to Australia’s highest safety standards and only manufactured in Western Australia. We proudly ship our products across Australia and all over the world. 

Our Swing Sets with Monkey Bars are built for multiple kids to play easily together. Every structure is strong enough to withhold the weight of both kids and adults, and our range of swing accessories makes it easy to find one that’s age-appropriate for your child. 

All of our Monkey Bars Swing Sets come with a 10-year warranty and are built to last. So, you can feel confident knowing your play structure will withstand not just rough and tumble play, but any adverse weather conditions. 

The Best Monkey Bars Swing Set On The Market 

Our Swing Sets with Monkey Bars are the best on the market. Made only from the highest quality materials, the frames are double-coated on the inside and out to avoid corrosion, and powder-coated for a high-quality finish. 

Every Monkey Bar Swing Set is offered in a wide variety of bright colours that kids will love to choose from - and instantly brighten up your backyard. Our simple-to-follow instructions make our Swing Set frames and Monkey Bars easy to assemble, so you can start the fun quickly.

How To Use Monkey Bars on Swing Set?

Our Funky Monkey frames are built to support both our Monkey Bars and a Swing Sets, so that both can be used in tandem. Proper spacing makes it easy to use without worrying about children bumping into each other

How To Swing on Monkey Bars?

Swinging on Monkey Bars requires strength and practice. Getting a good swinging motion going through your legs and torso helps you achieve momentum to swing from bar-to-bar - an impressive skill to acquire.

How To Build Monkey Bars With Swing?

All our Monkey Bars Swing Sets are easy to assemble, and our step-by-step instructions are meant for any novice to follow. We also include the tools you require to assemble whatever product you buy.