Large (6m) Flying Fox Swing
Video - kid floating with flying fox swing while other kids climb monkey bars
Kid floating on flying fox swing while other kids swining and climbing on ladders
Large Monkey Bars Frame with Flying Fox Swing
Family playing on Monkey Bars Frame while child swings on a flying fox
Adult floating on Flying Fox Swing - in motion
Flying Fox Swing attached to large climbing frame
Flying Fox Swing with Fox Handle
Flying Fox Swing with Button Handle

6 Metre Floating Flying Fox Swing

Large (6m) Floating Flying Fox Swing (For Mandrill and Troop Frames ONLY)

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  • Flying Fox Swing by Funky Monkey Bars

    Phenomenal backyard fun and design ingenuity with the NEW 6m Floating Flying Fox Swing by Funky Monkey Bars. Who would’ve dreamed you could fit this much fun into your backyard playground.

    Load rated to 130kgs, suitable for kids and adults to zipline across the backyard.

    Attach the 6m Floating Flying Fox Swing to The Mandrill or The Troop frame and take a long, smooth ride on strong, polyurethane wheels, inside a heavy-duty steel trolley.

    Fly along the 6m galvanised steel, silver powder-coated pipe. Secured safely by a strong, steel framework and iron-clad fittings that float out from the frame.

    Choose a Button Swing or a Handle to fly like a fox! Or opt for both swings and switch them in and out.

    If you’ve got the space, this is the ultimate backyard accessory for a Funky Monkey Bars frame that the entire family and all their friends will enjoy.


    • 6m, cleverly joined 2 x 3m lengths, of powder coated galvanised steel pipe, supported by a 3m high frame with safety braces at each end.
    • Solid, heavy-duty steel trolley with polyurethane wheels for a secure, smooth ride.
    • The Button Swing features a heavy-duty black rubber seat for sitting or standing and height-adjustable, PVC coated chain.
    • The two-handed Flying Fox Handle has a height-adjustable strap that sits 1.4m from the ground (check the height your child can reach).
    • Load rated to 130kg

    Can only be used as an addition to The Mandrill or The Troop by Funky Monkey Bars.

    For existing customers with the 3m Flying Fox, looking to upgrade, please contact the customer service team for a 6m Flying Fox Conversion Kit 1300 912 198.

  • Box QuantityBox Code & Contents
    1F06 - 2 x 2950mm (1 hole) single joiner silver pipe
    1F09 - 1 x 1600mm silver pipe
    1I04 - 1 x 540mm silver pipe
    1M01 - 2 x 600mm silver pipe
    1M02 - 4 x 600mm silver pipe
    1N01/N02 - 1 x Flying Fox Trolley, 2 x Rubber Stoppers, Button Swing or Handle
    1Q14 - 2 x Short Tees (101-D), 2 x Extra Long Tees (104L-D), 4 x Swivels (173-M/F), 2 x Plastic End Caps
    1Q39 - 1 x Straight Thru (119-D), 1 x Inline Tube Connector (151-D), 1 x Single Hinge Swivel (173-D/F), 1 x Extra Long Tee (104L-D), 1 x Bolt, 1 x Nut, Stickers
    Total Boxes = 8