Kids Climbing Frames

Keep your children active with healthy outdoor play with our Climbing Frames for kids. Children can explore all the adventures of an energy-filled space with the best climbing structures for all ages.

20 products

20 products

Kids Climbing Frames Made in Australia: Strong and Safe

With safety at the forefront of our designs, our collection of Climbing Frames for kids is robust and durable to withstand all weather conditions and endless monkeying around, of course. All our kids Climbing Frames are made in Australia to exceptionally high standards using galvanised steel and precision engineering to ensure materials last longer, with no corrosion. Recognised with an Australian Good Design Award- and backed by our 10-year warranty, you only get the best.

Climbing Frames For Kids: Modular and Customisable

Your safety is our priority, and that’s why all Funky Monkey nest swings are designed right here in Australia.

Our Climbing Frames for kids are a modular design, so there is endless scope for play and adventures with an array of add-ons to keep children engaged and challenged. Our free-standing play structures come with the world's first height-adjustable monkey bar, from 1.2 to 2.3 metres, with some reaching 3 metres. So as your child grows, so do our Climbing Frames – no child misses out on the action, whether building body coordination and strength or pure Ninja Warrior.

Only the Best Climbing Frames for Your Kids

Our kids Climbing Frames use ingenious 'twirly whirly' bars that brace against movement. So no concreting is required (you peg it into the grass), plus you can choose from our endless range of Play Equipment and accessories. Our Climbing Frame collection offers a variety of sizes to fit any outdoor space, large or small. Get ready for the kids to go wild for hours on end.

How To Build a Kids Climbing Frame?

Our step-by-step guide is easy to follow for all of our Climbing Frames, whether that's "The Original" or "The Orangutan". We also added all the tools required for self-assembly - so you can set up your Climbing Frame without stress.