The West Beechboro Independent Primary School, east of Perth, has a large and beautiful playground area that is accessible to all the kids from Year 1 through to Year 6.

The school has worked hard to create the perfect space for play and activity, sourcing materials from local companies to build a tyre hill and wooden balance trail and the 8 x 3-metre Funky Monkey Bars playground sits perfectly in the centre.

Principal, Gayle Higgins, is a strong believer in the benefits of outdoor play and understands the importance of physical activity in a natural environment. Gayle has created an area where children of varying ages and differing stages of ability can play together.

The Funky Monkey Bars playground includes apparatus that encourages students to discover physical activity and strength training through play, learning risk assessment and personal challenge.

The Funky Monkey Bars playground has proven to be a very popular place for the West Beechboro students to hang out and they all enjoy the two full-length ladders, two flying foxes, two cargo nets and four twirly whirly bars. It offers something for all, from the shy kids to the cheekiest monkey!