Treetops Montessori School in Darlington, Western Australia, installed a 125sqm Funky Monkey Bar configuration during the Summer holidays for the students to climb and clamber and build gross and fine motor skills that are so important to the development of children in and out of the classroom.

The lime green Funky Monkey Bars features; five monkey bars at varying heights, two flying foxes, cargo nets, dip and gym bars and ninja gravity grips for all the budding Darlington ninja warriors.

Principal Peter Maclean said, “Outdoor play is an important part of our Montessori education as we want our children to be active and healthy.  

“The new monkey bars have provided a range of options for students to play, exercise and have fun.  They can problem solve, play in teams, utilise their upper and lower bodies and the system allows for activity from the passive to the very active,” Peter said.

“The students are creating their own games as they utilise the different challenges available as part of the new monkey bar playground. 

“We are so pleased with our new playground.  It represented excellent value for money, the students and parents love it.  There is a wider range of play challenges for both high school and primary students.  It is wonderful seeing them all play together.”