Pre-primary and Kindergarten

St Columba’s Catholic Primary School is a growing school in South Perth, Western Australia. The school has recently moved its kindergarten and pre-primary students into a new facility which proudly features a Funky Monkey Bars playground for the youngest kids at the school.

The school chose a 2 x 5m Funky Monkey Bars playground to fit into a compact soft fall, shaded area. It is set at a 1.8m height that is suitable for the early childhood setting.

The jungle rope and trapeze are popular add-ons to the full-length monkey bar and for the little ones who have not quite mastered swinging from rung to rung, they can practice holding their body weight on the four twirly whirly bars.

Limited supervision can be enjoyed in this Funky Monkey Bars playground area with the bars set at the correct height, the perfect equipment made available for the young users and the unit secured into concrete with a purpose-built, white sand soft fall space.

Primary School

St Columba’s Catholic Primary School chose a bespoke design for their soft fall area, directly adjacent to a grassed sports area, creating an environment for growing kids and teens.

The bespoke monkey bar design works well with the existing equipment and is the main apparatus in an outdoor area fit for any strength and ninja style training. The primary school children have access to two full length monkey bar ladders, one half-length ladder, dip bars and a jungle rope. With two three-metre long ninja-grip assault courses and a floating flying fox, the upper body strength training activities during recess time are just fun!