Funky Monkey Bars installed a school playground at Palymra Pre-Primary School in Western Australia with two classes of enthusiastic five-year-olds watching on.

Teacher Kendell Muskarovsky said, “The Pally Pre-Primary kids loved watching the installation.   John and Toby were super friendly and were happy to answer the many, many questions fired at them by our students!”

“The children are enjoying using the many different components. The ninja grips provide a good challenge, the roman rings and flying fox and cargo net are real favourites and the monkey bars are wide enough for two children to cross at once,” Kendell said.

“The design created by Funky Monkey Bars for us gives the children plenty of opportunity to develop their upper body strength and provides physical challenges for those that need it.  We like the fact that the design caters for all climbing abilities and that we can add new components to the design is also a bonus.

“Our school has had a fantastic experience working with all the Funky Monkey Bars crew.

“From the initial consultation through to completion Shane and his staff have been very easy to work with. They were able to provide us with all of the information we needed and were more than happy to accommodate any changes of plan.

“The friendly staff were keen to give us the best service possible.”

Kendell said she strongly encouraged other schools to take the lead from Pally Pre-Primary and consider installing Funky Monkey Bars.

“The design can be as big or small as you like, and Shane is very conscious of school safety standards.   The price of Funky Monkey Bars is considerably less than other playgrounds but the quality of the equipment remains high. Once the design was completed, installation from beginning to end took less than a week.”