Winner of The Original giveaway competition

We are pleased to announce the winner of The Original giveaway is Samantha Malpass of Victoria.

Samantha was a popular choice in our office and with our loyal Facebook followers, many of whom gave their own entry to Samantha in a bid to see her take out the prize.

Two years ago, Samantha and her family fostered a family of four siblings aged seven, five, four and three and she has three of her own children aged 16, 14 and 11.

Samantha said the young children have trauma-induced sensory processing issues and hanging upside down and playing on monkey bars would not only be fun for them but help to manage their condition.

We trust the whole family will enjoy hours of fun this Summer on their new Original Funky Monkey Bar on its way, along with special Christmas wishes, from all of us at Funky Monkey Bars.