WINNER of Australia's Backyard Ninja


This Ninja season Funky Monkey Bars and Olivia Vivian called on Australia’s aspiring young ninjas to take part in a set of difficult, creative and exciting challenges to claim the title of Australia’s First Backyard Ninja.

Families all over Australia and New Zealand came together; being active outdoors  and having fun. It also saved the sanity of parents everywhere as lockdown restrictions coincided in many parts of Australia.

From star jumps to 'the floor is lava', Olivia’s weekly challenges saw hundreds of young ninjas across Australia compete to WIN the prize of The New Ninja frame by Funky Monkey Bars, valued at $3,150.

Each week, Funky Monkey Bars awarded prizes to their favourite entries of each of the seven challenges, ranging from ninja add-ons for their Funky frames, to gift vouchers.

So, who is Australia’s First Backyard Ninja?

Congratulations to The Johnston Family in New South Wales, Esther (11), Matilda (8) and Micah (1), who participated in each weekly challenge together.

We loved the positive support they showed each other throughout each video, the costumes, creativity and the huge smiles on their faces.

Mum Fernne Johnston said; “Thank you so much, Funky Monkey Bars! As a mum and a primary school teacher, I often think about the ways our use of technology (and also our cultures aversion to risk) is changing the way we interact with each other, and the way our kids play.

"I’m so excited that my kids will be able to spend time outside, pushing their physical limits and learning to play in the way the way their Dad and I did when we were kids. Who didn’t/doesn’t love the monkey bars?

"Such a wonderful, generous giveaway, our family is so thankful for this incredible gift!

"I’m sure it will be wonderful for our family’s physical health and will be a fantastic way to spend time together. Maybe I’ll even relearn how to do the monkey bars myself! Can’t wait to get swinging!”

Matilda (8) said; “I think everyone did a really great job at all their entries and I can’t believe we won! I loved watching Olivia Vivian, that really encouraged us to do our best. Can we be called the Ninja Kids?”

Esther (11) said; "I can’t wait to learn new tricks on our monkey bars at home, that will be so so amazing. Thank you so much Funky Monkey Bars and Olivia Vivian. I feel like being Australia’s First Backyard Ninja with my sister and my baby brother is exciting and it feels like a huge accomplishment.”

Congratulations to the Ninja Kids from everyone at Funky Monkey Bars.  We can't wait to get The New Ninja frame in our popular purple on the road to you

Thank you to everyone who participated, you were all fantastic ninjas.