Warm Up this Winter ❄️

During these winter months, the cool weather and short days make it much easier to stay indoors, but a lack of outdoor play for kids can take a toll on their physical and mental health.

With children only burning half the calories they would in summer, there’s a lot of unused energy being wasted indoors in front of 'the screen'.

How can we get the kids outdoors during these chilly days?

Follow our Winter Warm-Ups to get moving this winter season and go in for a chance to WIN a set of Funky Dip Bars:


  • RACE your friends across the monkey bars. Start at opposite ends - READY, SET, GO!


  • PLAY 'FLOOR IS LAVA' and scramble around your frame, but don't touch the ground... or lava!


  • CHALLENGE your friends and family to a Pull-Up Challenge and get stronger every day.


  • LEARN new tricks and techniques. Did you try Olivia Vivian's Funky Warped Wall Challenge?

  • SHARE your Winter Warm-Ups on Socials and tag Funky Monkey Bars on Instagram and Facebook.

  • WIN a Funky Dip Bar Station - go in for the chance when you share your best tips to WARM UP this WINTER.