Two more Golden Rungs claimed in our ultimate giveaway

The Christmas spirit was sparkling on Christmas Eve when the last two of the three golden rungs in the Golden Rung Giveaway competition were found as Funky Monkey Bars were being installed in Rockhampton in far north Queensland and  Melbourne.

All three golden rungs have now been discovered in Funky Monkey Bars ultimate Christmas giveaway and three full refunds on the purchase price of the frames have been claimed by the lucky winners.

The Tamarin in Rockhampton, The Orangutan in Melbourne and The Gorilla with a Floating Flying Fox in Perth, all now proudly feature a ‘golden rung’ as a sparkling reminder of the Roald Dahl inspired win.

Golden rung winnner

Melbourne family of Sarah and Matt Watt, parents to Jimmy, Tom and Masie, said they had saved, considered and rearranged their backyard before they purchased a Funky Monkey Bar for the kids for Christmas.

Sarah said, “Matt did not know about the promotion and was counting the bars over and over, checking the instructions and YouTube trying to work out where to put the gold bar while I settled the kids to bed on Christmas Eve.

“I came out when they were all asleep at about 9.30pm and saw the bar and asked Matt what it was - he thought it was a spare.

“It slowly sank in that we were one of the lucky recipients of this amazing gift. Thank you for making our Christmas so special and giving that Charlie Bucket feeling. You shared the spirit of Christmas with us in such a memorable way and we are so grateful.

“We are absolutely rapt with the monkey bars and our kids, friends, family and neighbours are all getting joy, exercise and fun from them all day long.”

“Rain, hail, shine, night or day the kids are out there. We love these bars!” Sarah said.

Rockhampton Mum, Paula Ward said, “The exciting find gave us the motivation to continue on through the late hours of the night to finish building our monkey bars.

“I have been telling friends and family of our good fortune, as I have never had a win like this in my life.

“We love our monkey bars so much, that we decided we would love to add to them with our winnings. We spent our Christmas afternoon looking through the catalogue, excitedly planning the extensions to our monkey bars.

“The children love showing us what they can do on their monkey bars, as we gather together as a family in the afternoon to watch them challenge themselves, each other and us,” Paula said.

The Golden Rung Giveaway has given Funky Monkey Bars its Christmas wish - to give back to our customers who choose to buy Australian-made fun for their families and who share in our vision of getting more kids and families together in the outdoors to enjoy active, healthy and fun-filled lives.