Tears of joy win Facebook competition

The video of a new Funky Monkey Bar in the backyard on Christmas morning that brought tears of joy and grateful hugs was pure joy and is the worthy winner of our Share the Joy Facebook competition.

Amy & Glenn Upston of Geelong ‘shared the joy’ of leading their monkey bar obsessed five-year-old daughter Lili-Rose and three-year-old son Kobe to the backyard for the Christmas unveil. The reaction was shock and awe before emotion got the better of everyone.

Lili-Rose and Kobe love their Funky Monkey Bar and have been outside every day on their new Gorilla and their visiting cousins and friends of all ages have joined them in the fun throughout the school holidays.

“It’s been totally worth every cent,” said Amy Upston. “The kids are out there every day and it is such great quality and the durability will last for years.”

The $500 gift voucher will be put to good use when the Upston family move house and have a great space to continue to add more equipment to their modular Funky Monkey Bar.

Congratulations to the Upston family and thank you to all our Funky Monkeys who entered and shared the joy – it was infectious!