Surprise! Funky Play Dates with Olivia

Imagine it!

You’re swinging across your Funky Monkey Bars in your own front yard and the queen of Australian Ninja, Olivia Vivian, pops in for a play.

This week the Edge family-of-four-boys and their neighbours were playing together outside after school, when Olivia surprised them all as a guest visitor in the first of our series of ‘Funky Play Dates with ‘Liv’.

The initial reaction was stunned, perhaps star struck. The youngest child pondered how Olivia could come from the television to be in his own yard?

Awe quickly turned to a fluid display of monkey bar skills as each of the kids took it in turns to show their tricks to Olivia on the super, Gorilla Combat frame by Funky Monkey Bars.

Olivia took to the monkey bars with a few of her own signature moves; handstands on the monkey bars and upside-down splits from the Combat Ladder. Olivia taught the kids some new monkey bar and ninja moves and even had a hard-fought dual with a fit, Funky Dad.

Try some of Olivia Vivian’s Jungle Drills in your own backyard on your Funky Monkey Bars frame…

Funky Monkey Bars is now looking for the next yard for our ‘Funky Play Dates with Olivia’ so hit us up to be considered