Spring Clean: Backyard Edition

Spring is here - get your lawn Summer ready!

With the weather warming up and the growing urge to spend more time outdoors, now is the time to show your yard some love and create a space for the whole family to enjoy during the Spring/Summer days.

Check out some of these Backyard Cleaning tips from Good Housekeeping on how to get your backyard looking Summer ready:


  • If heavy traffic and pets have ruined your grass, sprinkle soil over the area with a combination of grass seed and fertilizer. Keep dirt moist until the seeds sprout into grass.
  • Remove any debris cluttering your lawn: Pick up any fallen branches or twigs, clean leftover pet messes, and rake leaves when the ground is completely dry. (FYI, raking over wet grass can tear grass from the roots, leaving you with even more bare patches.)


  • Give your plants a solid foundation to build upon by clipping away any dead, dying, or diseased branches. While you're at it, cut back any branches that are encroaching on walkways or high-traffic areas, so they don't get accidentally broken off during the spring and summer months.


  • Flowers need room to grow, so it's important that you clear garden beds of fallen leaves, dead foliage, and unruly weeds before spring is in full swing. 


  • If your outdoor furniture needs a good clean, mix a generous amount of dish liquid soap with warm water in a bucket. Then spray the furniture down with a hose and wash the furniture with the solution; rinse thoroughly. Cut the drying time by tipping the furniture on its side in the grass to let the water drain off. Use an old toothbrush for wicker furniture.
  •  After clearing the patio, sweep any debris and hose down until clean. Create a mixture of one cup baking soda with two cups distilled white vinegar, and spread over the concrete patio with a mop. Let sit for 30 minutes, then use a nylon-bristled scrub brush to scrub clean.