Monkey Bars for regulation and to develop gross motor skills

June 14, 2019

Funky Monkey Bars are being used extensively by parents and health professionals for therapy and the good news is – the kids love them because it’s fun!

We asked Potential Therapy Services for Children Occupational Therapist, Hollie Rogan about how she uses monkey bars in her therapy program for kids.

“Monkey bars are a great tool for regulation, providing deep proprioceptive and vestibular input like hanging upside down, or swinging.

“They’re also great for the development of gross motor skills - such as core strength, motor-strength and motor planning and co-ordination,” Hollie said.

“They are also a great source of entertainment and are super engaging for children and even our therapists,”

 “We can assure you that our Funky Monkey Bars get put to great use.”

Funky Monkey Bars regularly receives feedback from parents and health professionals about the benefits they’ve found in using bars as therapy for children with developmental delays and disabilities. 

Brisbane followers make a date to play with us when we Pop-Up our Funky Monkey Bars Playground at Source Kids Disability Expo, July 5 & 6 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Centre.